Preschool Guide Spotlight: Q&A with Saratoga Independent School Director Felice Karlitz

Founded by parents in 1991, Saratoga Independent School is a private elementary school for children in kindergarten through grade 6, that also offers morning and afternoon Pre-K programs, after-school and summer enrichment programs, and aftercare. Their picturesque Adirondack-style Anderson Campus, which opened in 2004, accommodates up to 130 students.

Saratoga Independent School will be holding Admissions Open Houses for grades Pre-K through 6th grade on Friday, January 27th at 9am and on Saturday, March 11th at 10am.  The open houses will be held at Saratoga Independent School at 459 Lake Avenue in Saratoga Springs.

Prospective parents and students are invited to attend the school’s Morning Meeting with current students, and take a tour with Director of School Felice Karlitz.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to RSVP to the school at 518-583-0841.

In today’s Preschool Guide Spotlight, find out more about Saratoga Independent School from the director of the school, Felice Karlitz.

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The Dinner My Whole Family Will Eat

Let me tell you guys about this amazing recipe that my whole family loves to eat, and it’s SO easy! Click through for the recipe…

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Weekend Scoop

click the photo above to see the Mini City Kids List

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Introducing the Well Mama Workshops

The Mamaste project in November was such a great experience, and from that I’ve created a brand new workshop series geared toward the best in health and wellness for mamas and their babies. Click through to find out more and how to stay in the loop on the Well Mama Workshops…

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My Latest {Breastfeeding} Mama Must Have

Breastfeeding, not always easy for everyone, am I right?! Sometimes we need a little help here and there, and that’s where my latest favorite product comes in. Click through to get the details, nursing mamas…

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Grant Me the Patience {Life with an “I DO IT” Toddler}

We all want our kids to learn how to do things for themselves, it’s sort of part of the whole “parenting” deal, right? Learn how to walk, how to use the potty, how to get yourself dressed, how to drive a car, how to do your own laundry, these are all things us mama birds (and dada birds) need to teach before we nudge our sweet little birdies out of the nest. The thing you don’t realize? Just how much patience you’re gonna need when they start learning.

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Local Preschool Open House CALENDAR {Mini City}

There are a bunch of local preschools holding Open Houses this week, the perfect way to check out some prospective schools for your little ones! Click the photo above to see the calendar to find out when and where on Mini City!

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Mom Life: What I Want to Share with You About Going Through IVF

Part of the scariness of being a mom, or becoming a mom, or even thinking about becoming a mom, is the unknown. What will it be like? What will it feel like? How will it happen? And if things don’t happen the way you expected them to, that adds in even more of a stressful unknown.

The thing is, there are things that moms aren’t always open about, for whatever reasons. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable sharing something so personal, maybe they fear that people will be judgmental. But when we share our experiences, we can help other people going through something similar, we can help people feel less alone.

With this installment of the Mom Life Series, I want to find women willing to share their own stories about going through IVF. You can share your thoughts in the comments here, in the comments on facebook, or if you’d rather share it anonymously, email me at for more info. xoxo

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Mini City: Weekend Stuff to Do

click the photo above to see the Mini City Weekend Guide for kids + families

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What to Binge Watch this Weekend?

In keeping with my hibernate/Hygge theme for this week, today I want you to share your favorite shows to binge watch once the kiddos are in bed (i.e. no Paw Patrol here folks). What have I been watching lately? Click through to see my picks and to add yours to the list!

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