what I’m doing this weekend…

It’s official, I have Derby Fever. As you may know, I love horses. I love polo, I love jumping, I love ponies and racing and the velvety softness of their sweet little noses and everything in between. It’s a love affair that started before I could even walk. I also love Derby Day here in Saratoga. Besides being the most exciting two minutes in sports, it is also my unofficial start to the spring and summer season. It’s a perfect day to put on a cute sundress and meet up with friends. My Marley Lilly hat has arrived and it turns out it matches my Lilly (Pulitzer) hot to trot print dress perfectly, so the outfit for Saturday is all set. I’m adding a pair of strappy gold sandals, my graduation pearls and the green horse bit bracelet I got from Silverwood to top it off.

We are kicking the weekend off tonight with Family Movie Night, we’re watching Secretariat, naturally. It’s going to be a busy Saturday, starting with Finn’s Opening Day at t-ball (I’m pretty sure he’s going to sleep in his uniform tonight, he’s so excited). Then Sean and I have decided to cap off the number of parties we’ve accepted invitations to at four, finally. We will be all over town on Saturday, so if you see me please do stop and say hello and we’ll chat and have a mint julep together (I like mine with Blantons).

If you need some ideas for the weekend, check out my Weekend Links here, and my Top Five picks over at Saratoga.com, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! xoxo

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