Brand New Fish Market Coming to Saratoga Springs

Do you love the Pura Vida fish stand at the Saratoga Springs Farmers’ Market? Well then you are in luck, because I just received word from a little birdie that Captian Rick himself from the Pura Vida stand will be opening up a fish market right here in Saratoga Springs at the old Pepper’s Market and Deli location on Lake Ave. Captain Rick will be bringing Saratoga all of the fantastic fresh fish he sells at the Farmers’ Market starting in mid August! I know I can’t wait, the last time I had some of their fresh fish was at the Adirondack Appliance Cast Iron Chef Competition, the sand shark was AMAZING and I must try it again soon! Stay tuned to Mamatoga for more details including the exact opening date and what their hours will be, and remember, you heard it on Mamatoga first! xoxo Jenny

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5 Responses to Brand New Fish Market Coming to Saratoga Springs

  1. docsconz says:

    ThThis may be the best news that I’ve heard in some time. The variety and quality of their seafood is superb. It would be nice to be able to get it on days other than Saturdays, but then I hope that it doesn’t become taken for granted.

  2. Tom Thibeault says:

    And try it again soon you shall! This Sunday night at the next round will feature more!

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  4. Danny Carberry says:

    ThThis is great news!