I Want YOUR (anonymous) Mom Confessions for Mamatoga Magazine

momshamingMamatoga is a community- a supportive, no judgment one. Everyone is welcome here regardless of parenting styles, political views, or whether you watch the Bachelor or not. One thing that we all have in common is what we call our “Mom Fails” or Mom Confessions, you know, when you screw up by accident, or let things slip because you’re exhausted, or stressed, or just don’t want to make another pot of macaroni and cheese. It happens to all of us, and it is all okay. And you know what? Most of the time the Mom Confessions are really hilarious and usually something that I have totally done myself. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • I told my kids Great Escape was closed for repairs during a particularly humid weekend when they wanted to go.
  • I have a special stash of cookies hidden that are just for me, one of the kids spotted them and I told them they were “special diet cookies”.

njdjessIn the next issue of Mamatoga Magazine I want you to share YOUR Mom (or Dad or Grandma or Grandpa) Confessions, and you can do so anonymously or not, it’s up to you. Email YOUR confession to me at jenny@mamatoga.com, and rest assured, I will not use your name if you do not want me to. Let’s help build this community even more by laughing with each other over our little parenting foibles! If you want to send a photo like the ones in the post? Great! Let’s have fun with it, and maybe YOUR Mom Confession will wind up in the pages of Mamatoga Magazine, but send them over soon, the deadline is coming up at the end of January! xoxo

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4 Responses to I Want YOUR (anonymous) Mom Confessions for Mamatoga Magazine

  1. Jessica Bizzarro says:

    My sons preschool last year was also an elementary school, & there was extra pressure about getting there on time so as not to disrupt the school. I was always running late, so one day I was determined to get my son to school on time. I got up at the crack of dawn & packed his snack bag, got his breakfast together, brushed his teeth, had my husband dress him with clothes I laid out while I got myself ready. I packed him in the car & drove off to school getting there 5 minutes early. I was so proud of myself! Until I unbuckled him & realized he was in his underwear! Apparently I was so concerned with the timing I forgot to make sure he was dressed. So I headed to Target to get him a pair of pants & my brain registered that it was also pajama day….so we got pj’s & every time he wears them I’m reminded of the day that I actually made it to school on time. PS by the time I made it back to school I was 45 minutes late.

  2. Melissa says:

    II turn the volume all the way up on the baby monitor and then put it next to my husband’s bedside table. Then I put ear plugs in and a pillow over my head all the way over on my side of the bed. And then I always pretend to be shocked when he tells me he had to deal with anyone up in the middle of the night…

  3. ThinkAndDo says:

    “The blind couple next door have superhearing powers.”

  4. ThinkAndDo says:

    “The ice cream truck guy plays the music when he’s run out of ice cream.”