Mamatoga’s Family Choice Awards 2014: Best Women’s Clothing Shop

womensshop The polls are really heating up for the Mamatoga Family Choice Awards 2014! For the past two years these awards have been the definitive word on the best of the best in Saratoga and today I want you to vote on your favorite shop for YOU. To cast your vote on the other polls in our area’s original Family Choice Awards, click right here.

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5 Responses to Mamatoga’s Family Choice Awards 2014: Best Women’s Clothing Shop

  1. kathy kuznia says:

    Popular boutique has beautiful and exciting clothing at reasonable prices. It is so easy to find the perfect outfit for any event! The staff is friendly, helpful- but not intrusive and professional!

  2. kathy kuznia says:

    In my previous comment there was a typo – the store I was referring to is piper boutique!

  3. HeHere all dress are also so stylish.And this all dress are also so gorgeous.

  4. ninki carroll says:

    I I I wish I could do more than vote for Lifestyles, as I would like to explain why it is such a wonderful store. The atmosphere is lovely, the clothes and accessories are absolutely beautiful, the prices are considerate and attentive assistance is incomparable! That is what is so special about Lifestyles – they want you to feel beautiful, inside and out, when yoyou leave that store. It’s not about how much money they make or how many dresses they are told they must sell, it is all about caring for the total person and how she looks and feel and what she can or cannot afford at the time. They also care about the community, as is displayed so evidently as they praise and acknowledge other local businesses on Facebook! Lifestyles truly “shares the love” and for this I am grateful!

    • Sandra Duffy says:

      Nearly 20 years ago, I had the pleasure of working at Lifestyles when it first opened. I still make time to go there when I return to Saratoga from my home in Connecticut. It continues to be one of my favorite places to spend time, wandering through the beautiful clothing and accessories, and treat myself to something that makes me feel beautiful inside and out. I too wish I could do more than just vote!

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