Life with a Toddler {in GIFs}

Life with a toddler can be a challenge, to put it mildly. They can talk and understand juuuuuust enough to get angry when you don’t understand them while also being totally unintelligible and impossible to decipher. They are SO NEEDY ALL THE TIME. And then other times? Beat it, scram, vamoose. They are BIG NOW. They can do it THEMSELVES. They can run fast, jump on and off things, poke things and animals and other toddlers, eat all kinds of food and non foodstuffs, sleep when you don’t want them to sleep and stay awake when you expect them to crash.

You also find sometimes that life with a toddler is a little bit like an “inmates running the asylum” type deal. You have a tiny dictator on your hands and you are at their mercy. So, parents, if you currently have a toddler or have had one in the past, this one is for you.


You say or think this about a thousand times a day (and they say it back to you even more times)…

jake-no jon-stewart-nonono 841the_dude_nope

You celebrate small victories, like, a LOT. “You peed in the potty!” “You got your own shoes on!” “You didn’t pee on the floor!”

stephen-colbert-celebration-gif HPj4EKF tumblr_lm11bt4OaK1qe6xr2Liz-Lemon-High-Five

There is a lot of this happening in your house…

giphyYou may even find yourself getting sucked into it…

tumblr_mdcp486BNa1ryjwc0Sometimes you think they are all grown up and can handle certain things but then stuff like this happens…


funniest-kid-gifs-catch funniest-kid-gifs-skiin funniest-kid-gifs-stair-wizardOnce in a while you may reach your breaking point, and you need a minute…

tumblr_lo9672LeuN1qczo8zo1_500 Mealtimes. Sometimes they like it, often they don’t. Sometimes they’re not sure. Always messy.

slide_317276_2917128_free slide_317276_2917102_free slide_317276_2917078_free Babies-Addicted-to-Food-14

Naptime and bedtime this is you…

tumblr_lsrkztBGG71qii6tmo1_500 tumblr_m6lf0gzIS81rys4czo1_500 tumblr_ls5mmf5XD41qafrh6

But, at the end of the day, even if toddlerhood can be frustrating, you realize your kid is pretty awesome…


and all it takes is that one little smile, or those little arms around you in a hug and all is good in the world…

hearts love1 Love-Savesxoxo

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