Mamatoga Mother’s Day Giveaway: Little Unicorn Petite Manifest Diaper Bag from The Bundle Store ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED***

You’ve never seen a diaper bag as chic as this one, Little Unicorn makes the diaper bags of my dreams, bags you’re gonna want to carry long after you need to stash diapers in there. Click through to read more and find out how to enter…

Leave it to Amber from The Bundle Store to stock a gorgeous mom item like this one. The Little Unicorn Petite Manifest features a timeless design equipped with cushioned changing pad and matching stroller straps, 6 pockets, side zippers offer expandable access and a protective iPad pocket. Made from durable canvas and vegan leather, this bag can go from the playground to your office to date night, promise.

Okay so how to enter? Simply comment below with your answer to THIS question: what is your number one diaper bag essential? Wipes? Baby food pouches? Lip gloss (hey, a mama needs to stash her own essentials too you know…). One winner will be chosen at random and announced LIVE this Friday, May 5th during my Facebook LIVE video! Good luck mamas, and a big huge thank you to Amber for the giveaway! xoxo




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92 Responses to Mamatoga Mother’s Day Giveaway: Little Unicorn Petite Manifest Diaper Bag from The Bundle Store ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED***

  1. Crystal says:

    Bundle Balm!

  2. Jennifer Cantone says:

    Breakfast cookies as my little one calle them- heathy valley cereal bars, that way if your toddler gets hungry- no problem, and if your husband gets hungry-also not a problem!

  3. Lauren says:

    Grgrovia balm for baby and a tide pen for mama!

  4. Natalia says:

    Annie’s fruit snacks! It’s a guaranteed tantrum solver! πŸ˜†

  5. Kaelyn brennan says:

    Baby wipes!!!! Imagine if you forgot to restock your stash of wipes!?!!? They solve every problem, poopy diaper, messy hands, clothing stains, public facility precleaning, etc. must have baby wipes!!!

  6. Kristen Faby says:

    Annie’s organic goldfish snacks

  7. Alex Winnicki says:


  8. Brittany Barton says:

    Phone charger! Oh and snacks for the toddler πŸ™‚

  9. Sarah says:

    Definitely muslin swaddles. Can use them for almost anything!

  10. Brianna D says:

    Wipes wipes and more wipes! Oh and maybe a change of clothes for baby too 😳 Love little unicorn AND the bundle store!!

  11. Kerry Henley says:

    ImI’m due in June and have been looking for a new diaper bag! My number one diaper bag essential is my wallet. You can buy anything you might have forgotten to pack in your diaper bag with it, and who wants to carry around another bag/purse when you have a diaper bag to lug around. This one is so stylish you wouldn’t even know it is a diaper bag, just a great accessory that you would want to use even if you didn’t have a baby.

  12. ARK says:

    iPhone – music/directions/info/tantrum calmer all-in-one! (and wipes….lots of wipes)

  13. Karen Ford says:

    Wipes for the baby, and hair ties for me!

  14. Diana says:

    Definitely a spare Binky!

  15. Angela says:

    Not an original answer, but I am also all about wipes. They can clean up sticky hands, spills, be used as tissues, makeup removal–the most multi-purpose of my many essentials 😊. This bag is the CUTEST!

  16. Stacey Backhaus says:

    Goldfish snacks! As a mom of a toddler I’ve learned that they end up everywhere! Also, I LOVE this bag!

  17. Erika Dibble says:

    Well, my baby is a master at blowouts on the go, so I ALWAYS have a ziplock bag with 1-2 extra outfits in it.

  18. Erika Dibble says:

    My baby is quite the master at blowouts on the go, so I always always always have a ziplock bag with 1-2 extra outfits in it!

  19. Chelsea says:

    SPF stick

  20. Megan says:

    Snacks (for baby) and sunglasses (for mama)

  21. Bobbie O says:

    Lately it’s been a change of clothes for both tots – we always seem to get messy! What a great contest – I could really use a style pick me up considering I’ve been using my husband’s backpack ha!

  22. Lindsey Jones says:

    wiWipes x2 because twins=double trouble

  23. Elizabeth Chartrand says:

    Not sure!! It’s my first baby so taking the advice from all of you! Due in July!

  24. Christie says:

    First time mama due in just a few weeks but I’ve packed mine full of essentials like diapers and wipes of course. My favorite thing so far that’s in there are his Muslim swaddles since he will be a summer baby and we are always on the move! I’ve got to keep him covered and cool.

  25. Amy Hichman says:

    So hard to pick one! Depending on baby’s age… a double of whatever they need to calm them or be occupied. I of course need chapstick, it’s essential.

  26. Jill Lochner says:

    Wipes! To clean ALL the things!!

  27. Marta says:

    Wipes come in handy even for the older kids and their dirty hands!! Also a Muslim swaddle comes in handy and has endless uses…

  28. Angela M. says:

    Bottles bc you can’t go anywhere with a cranky hungry baby in tow!

  29. Hayley H. says:

    We can’t go anywhere without extra snacks for both man’s and baby! Avoiding “hangry” is essential!

  30. Lauren S. says:

    Baby wipes fo’ sho’!! As well as a backup bottle!

  31. Megan says:

    BaBaby wipes, diapers, snacks, and extra clothes!!!!!

  32. Alissa McDonald says:

    Pi always have to have an extra outfit and plenty of wipes on hand!

  33. Julianne Venneman says:

    Camera to capture all the moments out and about with my little ones!

  34. Laura says:

    I would think wipes. But, it’s all essential;)

  35. Abby says:

    Beautiful bag!! Definitely a change of clothes for baby and a new shirt for mom!

  36. Cristi says:

    LWipes and lollipops! πŸ™ˆ

  37. Lindy G says:

    Definitely wipes and tissues! I also have to have hand sanitizer and chap stick for myself.

  38. Eliane says:

    All kinds of wipes: baby wipes, boogie wipes, paci wipes…

  39. Janielle says:

    Wipes for sure!

  40. Colleen Doig says:

    1 year old triplets + 4 year old = lots and lots of wipes!

  41. Kristina says:

    My little one can’t live without his “pacis” aka pacifier and his tabbies. The bag may as well be empty if those two things are not in it.

  42. Elizabeth Leggett says:

    Snacks!!! I can get inventive with many other needs but if my toddler doesn’t have snacks its meltdown city!

  43. Carina says:

    Good! Whether it be pouches of food or a container of puffs! My little guy is always happy with some snacks in his belly (:

  44. April payan says:

    Awuaphor! Lips, bum, brows, basically everything

  45. Lilly says:

    Boogie wipes! In addition to normal wipes, I find the face/booger wipes are waaay better for the messy kid than regular tush wipes. Plus every other detail of my life needs to fit in the bag πŸ˜‚

  46. Lauren Kirkham says:

    Vundle balm and wipes!!!!! One of them can solve almost any ailment!!!

  47. Kellie Van Bergen says:

    Snacks!!! Always need to be stocked up and prepared!

  48. Emily Mattice says:

    Pouches and fruit snacks! Always need snacks in thr bag!

  49. Felicia Rivenburgh says:

    Lit. Little Unicorn pink peony swaddle for my peanut and clutch for mom

  50. Christina Stryjek says:

    Toys and teethers/binkies. I leave extra diapers and wipes in my car since I forget to stock up my bulky diaper bag.

  51. Mackenzie Luse says:

    Phone charger, burb rag, and momma snacks!

  52. Jessica Brassel says:

    Wipes! They can fix anything.

  53. Maggie lashinsky says:

    Who’s for sure! You can use them for everything

  54. Carley Cole says:

    definitely extra snacks and wipes!!

  55. Becca DeMeo says:

    Ummmm diapers! And wipes…. and an extra outfit!

  56. Nicole Rodgers says:

    Wipes and Baby Mum Mum’s!!

  57. Annemarie jarcho says:

    A wet bag for cloth diapers or any dirty or wet clothing

  58. Cait O'Brien says:

    My wallet so that I can go to the bundle store and buy everything πŸ˜‚

  59. Lyndsi Earle says:

    Change of clothes and/or a bib for my little one (we get messy around here) and wallet for me!

  60. Kayla VanAlstyne says:

    A A sippy cup!

  61. Cait O'Brien says:

    My wallet so that I can go to the bundle store and buy everything

  62. Suzanne Miller says:

    Wet bag!! We’re in trouble if we forget to pack one! 😜

  63. Nicole peek says:

    I’m seriously a diaper. There was this one time when James was like 8 months, and hubby was in charge of packing the bag, HE FORGOT A DIAPER!! No joke! We went down to cross gates mall to get pictures done, and James EXPLODED his diaper! It was so bad! Thankfully you can buy disposables everywhere. Mama was not happy lol. But now daddy knows a diaper is super super important!!

  64. Erin Dunn says:

    BuBurp Cloths. Otherwise I’d need 5 extra outfits for the boy and for me!

  65. Karen scherer says:

    wipes!! Without a doubt!!!

  66. Bonnie Taylor says:

    bundle balm! Not just for baby’s bottom… dry skin? Chapped lips? Need to hand baby something shiny and distracting? It’s got you covered.

  67. Meghan Ginsburg says:

    Chapstick/lip balm! When you forget it your lips feel so dry and you know it will be hours before you can get it to put some on — it’s awful!!

  68. Liz W. says:

    Water wipes! It’s not a diaper bag without wipes.

  69. Jessica says:

    Well my number one essential is a DIAPER! I absolutely love the remedy jar and it’s great to use some wipes, but without a diaper we have a mess!

    • Jessica says:

      Aside from the diapers.. I would definitely go with a carrier. Carrier allows me to use both hands so I can keep the other kiddos close by while I run around the store like a maniac.. lol

  70. Jessica Dick says:

    Wipes and boogie wipes!

  71. Shana says:

    Wipes and snacks!!

  72. Pam TenEyck says:

    Wipes always have to be in the bag, they have a million uses. And organic lollipops have been helpful…

  73. Yules says:

    WiWipes is a must with a ouch full of snacks!

  74. Nicole DeCrescenzo says:

    It’s a toss up between wipes and “puffs”…..which I use as a snack, rattle, tether, and sound diversion for both of my little ones 😊

  75. Theresa says:

    My nursing cover, for sure. Ps Amber and the bundle store are amazing, highly recommend stopping by (they helped me immensely with my babywearing issues)!

  76. Amber says:

    Definitely a lightweight blanket!

  77. Kristy odonnell says:

    Diapers! Cause if I think we won’t need one and re fun out quickly we need one!!!

  78. Heather Smith says:

    Wiwipes and snacks!

  79. Brandi Hall says:

    My number 1 diaper bag must have is a diaper changing pad for those public diaper changing areas. Yuck!

  80. Kim S says:

    Prefolds! They can be diapers or wipes or burp cloths or changing pad!

  81. Emily S says:

    Extra change of clothes! And wipes and diapers πŸ™‚

  82. Melissa says:

    Water bottle. I’m always thirsty when nursing.

  83. Heather Fitzpatrick says:

    Number 1 Essential is definitely our Water Wipes! They get Mommy and Baby out of many sticky situations! 😜

  84. Marissa says:

    Wipes! With a toddler and a newborn someone is always in need of a clean up!

  85. Kelly K says:

    Wipes! I am convinced I will now be purchasing baby wipes until the end of time. They have proved to be so helpful beyond just diaper changes!

  86. Tina L. says:

    Baby Wipes!

  87. Kyle M. says:

    FoFor us it would be that spare set of clothing for the baby/toddler, and also yourself as a parent in the early ages. Spit up, pee, other stuff that shouldn’t be on your clothes in public.

    NNow as they grow, the tide stick. Messy toddler whether is just Cheerios or something else, it’s quiet a mess.

  88. Kelly Lizzi says:

    Rosebud salve!

  89. Nicole T says:

    Graham Crackers, never leave with out them! πŸ˜„