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Hi there! I’m Jenny and I am the creator of Mamatoga. I’m a mom of four, I live in Saratoga Springs, NY with my family and I am absolutely mad about it here. I like to write about cooking, playing, creating, parenting, babies, kids stuff and anything and everything family. We love making meals together, going out to eat, tramping through the woods, being outside, animals, traveling, books, art, volunteering in our community and more.

Mamatoga is written by just me, and I happily endorse products and businesses that I love and occasionally will do a sponsored giveaway of a product I have tried and trust myself. Mamatoga Magazine is a quarterly publication that I produce independently and is the print version of the site and everything that I love.

To learn more about Mamatoga, find me on facebookPinterest and twitter, and click here to check out Mamatoga Magazine online.

I love working with brands and businesses and are happy to create partnerships of all shapes and sizes. Please email me at for my media kit.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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