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Mamatoga Interview: Scott Campbell author & illustrator of Hug Machine

I (fortunately) come from a family of huggers. I remember my mother telling me as a child that people need 8 hugs a day, something she once heard Virginia Satir, a respected family therapist say, who believed “We need four [...]

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in my {baby} bag

A new addition to the family means that your bag gets hijacked by baby stuff. I gave up a long time ago on the traditional “diaper bag”, mainly because I could never find one I actually liked, style wise, and [...]

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Mamatoga Switch Witch Giveaway!

October is just a couple days away and that means kids will soon be getting Halloween fever (if they don’t have it already)! Last year was the first year that we tried doing the “Switch Witch”, where the kids trade [...]

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my weekend in photos

We usually try to keep our weekends family focused, with activities that we can all do, or at least make it a little balanced out between the kids, but this past weekend was heavily Leven focused as she had the [...]

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Cooking with Kids {stuff I love}

As you guys know, cooking with the kids is one of my favorite things to do, and these adorable little accessories will make it that much sweeter. Scroll down for what I am absolutely dying to add to my kitchen [...]

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Do You Have a Parenting “Style”?

During a recent Bravo binge watching session I happened upon a new reality show on their roster which is all about parents and their parenting “styles” called “Extreme Guide to Parenting”. Each episode features a family with a “unique” parenting [...]

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What’s Wrong with a Little Pink?

Halloween is just around the corner, and after a few close calls at a nearly empty costume shop I am happily on board the planning early train when it comes to this holiday. So the other day I sat the [...]

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Find Tally Ho! at Northshire Bookstore & Win!

Mamatoga and Northshire Bookstore are teaming up to add even more fun to your visit to the Children’s Floor of their store at 424 Broadway in Saratoga Springs with some great scavenger hunt fun!
In honor of Baby Talley‘s arrival, a [...]

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The Mamatoga Calendar {october}

Heading out to pick some apples? Click here for the Mamatoga Pick Your Own {Local} Guide!

1 Children in grades K-5 are welcome to participate in the Lego Club today from 6:30-8pm at the Saratoga Springs Public Library. Parents and caregivers [...]

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Guest Post: The Day We Got Head Lice

Last year a good friend of mine experienced the nightmare with the ick factor of 100 that is head lice. I asked her to share her story here on Mamatoga because any of our kids could be exposed, and it [...]

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