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Mamatoga Mother’s Day Giveaway #1: Initial Necklace and Gift Card from Silverwood Home and Gallery

Mother’s Day is just over a week away and today I want to announce the first of a bunch of really fun giveaways I have from local businesses just for MOM. First up, remember my #1 Gift Pick for 2014? […]

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The MAY Mamatoga Supper Club Announcement!

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Saratoga Farmers’ Market Outdoor Opening

This Saturday 5/2 is Opening Day for the Saratoga Farmers’ Market at High Rock Park! Join them this Saturday from 9-1pm for the Opening Day of their Outdoor Market Season at High Rock Park in downtown Saratoga Springs. They’ll have […]

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Mamatoga Must Have {Accessory}

Sometimes the things that make the biggest difference in your routine are little things, maybe even shall I say slightly obvious things, the kinds of things that make you say to yourself, “How did I not think of that?!”.

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Accidentally Overscheduled

I’ll never be one of those overscheduled moms. The kind that spends her afternoons in her minivan shuttling kids from activity to activity and every weekend on the sidelines of a sports field cheering someone on before doing more shuttling. […]

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What is a Babysitting Co-op?

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Where can I find a good babysitter?”, and I don’t always have a great answer because babysitters can be difficult to find, and once you find one, they might not […]

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On Taking a Break

We’ve all been there. It’s the witching hour, that time after naps and before bedtime, or maybe after a skipped nap but still too early for bed. You look at the clock thinking maybe you’ll just start the bedtime routine […]

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My Newest Obsession

I don’t know much about why I love pineapples besides the fact that they just make me happy, and that is enough for me. A quick google search tells me that the pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, […]

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Mother’s Day Wishlist Part II

Mother’s Day is a good time to treat the mom in your life to something she would never actually buy for herself, something that might make her smile, something sweet. Everything in this list falls into one of those categories, […]

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Benefits of Getting the Kids in the Kitchen

all photos by Tracey Buyce Photography
We all know the benefits of sitting down to a meal together as a family, but what about the benefits of cooking as a family, especially for the kids? Besides the quality time you can […]

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