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myparentlifeMy Mom Life is now “My Parent Life” to include all parents and caregivers! Do you know a parent or caregiver who would like to take part in the Mamatoga “My Parent Life” series, or would you like to take part? Anyone can take part, the series is designed to be a positive space to share your own daily experiences as a parent and to help build our positive parenting community. Email me at jenny (at) mamatoga dot com for more info and to find out how to be a featured My Parent Life parent, and click any of the links below to read from some of our My Parent Lifers.

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  1. Jane says:

    Good morning –
    I have moved here as a single mother with my 3 year old twins and very quickly upon arrival I found the mamatoga website. In dealing with everything else on my plate and my “new” world… a crappy soon to be ex-husband (father of the year, shows up on his allotted days with sugary sweets and whisks them away to the park and stays far past bedtime and to be followed by dinner at Chianti or somewhere equally kid inappropriate as they sleep at the table or acing unruly); meanwhile, as I am furiously completing all computer work for my new job to find my long loss independence and keep us afloat. Therefore, as soon as my lovely minis reappear I can be the force of reason with baths and books and all the comforts of home. A divorced world is not one I came from and always looked from the outside in, thinking what’s so hard, just figure it out, boy was I wrong.
    Wow, this sounds like a therapy entry, but I found mamatoga website. It’s my lifeline and mama-xanax all in one, not to spook you, it has become my bible. First off everything on there is well thought out, classy, not another site of coupons and how to make the best flax oatmeal bars (not that I don’t love a good recipe). I have eaten the pizza and contemplating ordering and those scrumptious meals from 9 mile east, my children have been promptly enrolled in Saratoga Independent School (a place I never knew existed without the site) etc etc etc…… I was also lucky to be the recipient of the Consignment Sale early admission raffle. The site is beautifully written, current, not nerdy and filled with all sorts of things that interest me.
    Now an article on Rose, it sings to me and reminds of the overly wonderful and single days frolicking in the Hamptons and being so naïve as I thought that adult life would be all about cold lobster and Rose at B Smith’s… haha and to think I found fulfillment in that and now I am on the quest of for fun and exciting things for my minis, myself and well cold lobster and rose and beautiful people watching doesn’t seem too far off.
    So as I find my way up here as a resident and discovering all the treasures, I have found myself in the need of a housekeeper maybe 2 days a week and about 2 – 3 hours a day. Someone who can just come in to the house and self-direct 90% of the time, I’m sure as the organization started to occur, there would be some regular things. There would but no disappointment to what was accomplished, as anything would be a gift and allow me more time with the minis and get my life in order. I moved into my house 10 days ago, and while progress is being made, I NEED help. Whether cleaning, organization, plant watering or anything I would be a happy camper.
    So I have tried, and it is too much to sort out. So didn’t know if you had resources or suggestions or referrals.

    • mamatogajenny says:

      Jane thank you so much for your comment, I very much appreciate the kind words about the site and I have to say you have a way with words yourself! I think we would get along really well in person 😉 I put your housekeeper search on fb, check out the Mamatoga page there for any responses and if anyone sends me info I will email it along to you. Also rose and cold lobster sounds so amazing right now!!

  2. Tami Cordero says:

    Ahhhh motherhood, the greatest and most meaningful job I had for 16 years. Can’t leave them on a firehouse doorstep….they know the way home and they think they know it all. Just kidding. This mama calls herself a motomomster because my teen thinks risking his life every weekend is fun and likes to keep mom second guessing if a panty liner will hold up or if a depends is more appropriate every time I pee myself with his antics. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It takes a village and Saratoga has been a great village to raise this teen of mine. Glad to be a part of the “community”.

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