If I Had an Extra Hour…

extrahourOne of my favorite questions from the My Mom Life Series is “If I had an extra hour in the day I would spend it…”. I asked you guys how you would spend that hour, for the complete story click here for Mamatoga Magazine’s Spring Issue 2015 and read on for more…

Brandi: Making greeting cards in my crafty woman cave….

Renee: Organizing myself!

Tamarie: Meal planning

Erica: Sleeping!!

Lara: Honestly??? Catching up on a GOOD tv show that is NOT for preschoolers!!!

David: With my kids

Karen: So many choices! I would probably take the time to call my best friends. They live so far away and our lives are so busy being parents, and wife. 1 hour to just catch up.

Catherine: Yoga! I’m a much better mom and wife when I’m relaxed and have worked out.

Melissa: Sleep

Erica: Okay, so I’ve spent all day thinking about this. After considering sleep, and cardio, I think I would spend the time taking online courses to get another degree, or my masters.

Gma: Paint my nails…. That never happens with tiny person running around!

Loretta: Cleaning. I know that’s not an exciting answer, but it’s the truth. I’m home with my kids, so I prioritize our time together. When they are in school I have three hours of alone time and use that to exercise, read, shower and work.

Amy: Playing with my little lady.

Ashley: Sleeping!

Tracy: Build Legos with my little man

Brittney: Are the kids awake? If not, a bubble bath and chocolates. Every night. If they’re up, a movie, popcorn, and couch snuggles!

Michelle: Snuggle with my sleeping baby, while catching up on Downton Abbey of course:)

Kate: Sleeping!

Shelby: Reading and drinking another glass of wine while the furry and feathery pets do the rest of the housework.. (It’s a dream hypothetical right?)

Matt: The good father in me says “Playing with my kids!”. The real father in me says “sleeping!”

Nicole: Catching up on tv shows!

Katy: Exercise so I didn’t always feel I had to fit it in. That’s my motivated answer. My other would be an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep.

Jennifer: Reading

Wendy: Reading!

Tracy: Playing with my son!

Johnna: Playing with my daughters! (not cleaning)

Kerrie: Doing something for myself.

Katie: Nap is #1,2,3 on my list Lol!

Christa: I would take every extra hour to built a transport pad that would transport me directly to the beach.



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