Shopping List: Lex & Cleo

mood(1)Lex & Cleo is a little jewel box of a shop tucked away in the Downtown Marketplace on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, and every single darling inch is packed with the sweetest baby and toddler gifts. The selection seems like it was hand picked by the most stylish mama you know, and the truth is, it was! Lucy Moran, owner of Lex & Cleo is mama to an adorable baby girl and she is also the owner of Lucia Boutique (located kitty corner from Lex & Cleo in the marketplace) so she knows what she’s doing when it comes to style (read more about her Mom Style in this issue of Mamatoga Magazine).

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Love This: TOGA Style Collaboration

moodNo, not the dog (although that is one adorable doggie) that BIB the sweet pooch is wearing! I must have it for my Saratoga born babies! Click through to read more about this brand spanking new collaboration that I have fallen totally in love with…

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Name Bubbles Back to School GIVEAWAY ***CLOSED***

Caprio's 4th BirthdaySaturday _ 08.24.2019 _ 2_00 pmMillner Park Hereford, TexasBack to School means brand spanking new school supplies, and the best way to keep those items coming back is with the super cute and super stylish Name Bubbles. You’ve heard me sing the praises of this locally mom-run business before, and each year one of our favorite things to do for Back to School is to pick out a brand new set of labels to start the new year fresh!

Recently BuzzFeed put Name Bubbles on their list of “Back to School Products Every Parent Should Check Out” and this year by teaming up with the Miracle Foundation this is a big Back to School season for Name Bubbles. Click through to find out how you can help them raise money for a full year of education at an orphanage AND how you can win a School Pack of labels FREE here on Mamatoga!

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Chiropractic and Pregnancy {Guest Post with Spa City Chiropractic}

chiropracticWhy would a pregnant woman need chiropractic care?

This is a question I hear often, and it made me realize that many pregnant women don’t know that chiropractic care is a safe and natural option for them.

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What’s Going On?

minicitylogo copyWant to stay in the loop on the happenings around Saratoga Springs for kids and family? Click the logo above to visit the Mini City local Calendar, and input your upcoming events for FREE! xoxo

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Reflections of a Forest Kindergarten Parent {Guest Post}

Forest Hiding

The Gift of Nature: Reflections of a Forest Kindergarten Parent
By Jenn Hunt Dempsey

Every summer, my three kids go fishing with their dad and his uncle at Cape Cod. One evening years ago, they were out on the water after the sun had set. When they returned, they noticed the glow of jellyfish in the shallow water around the dock. My daughter Norah, who was about six at the time, was fascinated. After she soaked in the sight for a while, she came running up to the house, her great-uncle close behind. Her face glowed with excitement as she searched for the words to tell me what she experienced. After a moment her uncle began to prompt her: “Remember what I told you that was? ‘Bio…,’ ‘biolum…,’” Norah visibly shook off his attempt to get her to reduce this amazing experience to a single word.  She finally erupted: “It was like someone took a giant, magic glitter pen and drew a million sparkles all over the black water!”

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My Favorite 4th Trimester Picks


Ah, the little mentioned 4th trimester…What is that, you ask? That’s those months after the baby is born where you are dealing with all of the lovely new mom body surprises like “Oh hey I fit into exactly zero of my pre-baby clothes!” or “Wait a minute, I can’t breastfeed in any of these tops” or “I’m a sweaty mess” or “Super great, my hair is falling out (true story)”. And if you’re like me, the 4th trimester is when you really, REALLY crave just feeling “back to normal” again and just want at least one or two outfits that you can feel put together in.

Being in the 4th trimester in the summer can be a bit trickier since it’s 90 degrees out and you may want to put on MORE clothes rather than less clothes (did I mention the sweating? Am I the only one?!) but I have a few tricks up my sleeves to keep you cool and collected in the summer 4th trimester.

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ECC summer Open House Digital

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Dispatch from Month Three of No Toddler Sleep


It’s 6am, and I’ve been up for over an hour already. Because of the two month old baby? No. Because of the almost two year old who refuses to sleep in her bed. That’s right folks, I am trapped in no toddler sleep hell and there is no end in sight.

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My Weekend {in photos}


We started our weekend at Big Truck Day, which is always a family favorite of ours. The kids LOVED the little construction hats (so cute) and between the trucks, the bouncy house, the balloon guy, sno cones, Go Kids and all of the excitement it was a veritable playland for the kids. Jack’s big highlight came when he “won” a jump rope from the CDPHP booth, it literally made his weekend.

Talley was wiped out from the Big Truck Day excitement, so my mom and I took Jack down to check out Little Pecks in Troy. You know the type of restaurant where the staff seem like they really truly enjoy working there? That’s what Little Pecks was like, the staff was friendly and smiley and warm. We sat in the back at a little table (the patio area was closed because of a wedding, but it looked absolutely darling and we are planning on going back so we can check it out) and ordered a handful of the small plates to share while Jack munched on a brownie. The avocado dish was perfect (coming from an avocado addict like myself that says a lot), and the bread and sauce was sublimely simple. To just sit there, tearing little pieces of bread and dipping them in sauce in that sweet little space was so relaxing (that pineapple wallpaper, I almost swooned looking at it). I can’t wait to go back and work my way through every item on their menu. Next time I’m bringing the older kids to try some of the dishes now that they’re starting to move past just macaroni and cheese…

Afterward we took a walk by the river and happened upon a spray park with great big sprinklers shooting up into the air. Jack took one look at it and begged us to go in, so we let him take his shirt off and run around in the sprinklers, laughing hysterically, until they finally shut off for the day.

IMG_2043IMG_2073IMG_2064IMG_2084 IMG_2165


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