My Biggest Pet Peeve Pregnancy Question


There are a LOT of annoying pregnancy questions, as we all know. Some of my favorites? “Are you sure there aren’t two in there?” Um yes, yes I’m sure. And the ultrasound technician was sure, as was my doctor, they’re not playing an elaborate hoax on me, “Oh hey it’s really twins! HAHAHAHA”. Just one baby thanks now bye.

Or “Are you done after this one?” Not sure yet, maybe let’s wait till this one is actually born to discuss this highly personal question I might not actually want to discuss with you in the first place (I get this one at least twice a day).

But wait, wait for the one that I REALLY cannot stand (and can never understand)…

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Happy Birthday to my Jack who turns four today. May you always have this kind of enthusiasm for life my little man.


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It’s The Little Things

Last week as you guys know I spent most of the week on the Maternity Ward at Saratoga Hospital, and as much as I LOVE it there (I really do), spending most of the week away from my family and dealing with the pain of kidney stones put me in a serious funk. One of the days though my Mom brought the younger two kids in for a quick visit, and I snapped a few pictures with my phone as they shared the “pink milk” she had gotten them as a special treat if they were “good” and weren’t loud (so they wouldn’t wake up the new babies).

This moment of pure unbridled toddler joy brought to me from a $2 Stewart’s Strawberry Milk…

oh and ps to the nurse on the ward who brought me the amazing brownie that one night? You are the best. xoxo


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To Do: Kindergarten Readiness Discussion

to doIs Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Join Denise Warren, an early childhood teacher and former preschool administrator, as she discusses kindergarten preparedness including readiness skills and how to make a smooth transition at the Saratoga Springs Public Library from 7 to 8pm on Thursday, January 28th. Admission is free. Register in the Children’s Room or by calling 584-7860 x305. The Saratoga Springs Public Library is located at 49 Henry Street in Saratoga Springs.

For more local events visit the Mamatoga Calendar here

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Get This: Beach in a Bar

The(2)Look, I’m glad we didn’t get hit with tons of snow from Jonas, but this weather…it’s kind of eh this time of year up in the ol’ Northeast. The easy days of lounging poolside or lakeside with the sun warming your skin, those seem far away. BUT I have recently found a new favorite {local} product that will bring the feeling of those days back while you wait for the snow to melt…

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Mamatoga’s Top Kids Event for This Week

cheesy(1)My top pick for kids this week? Click through to find out what is going on for the Preschool Set locally…

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Are You a Local Etsy Seller?

indexI am a HUGE fan of Etsy, and I’m on there almost weekly looking for stuff. In the upcoming Spring Issue of Mamatoga Magazine I want to feature some of your favorite local Etsy sellers! If you have a favorite you think should be featured or you are a seller yourself, send me an email at to be featured in the issue!

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Baby Box: Would You Use It?

Keith, Michelle, Tammy & CharlieWith this pregnancy half over and baby #5 due in June I’m already planning ahead for what I might need. More onesies, swaddle blankets, a teeny tiny baby bathing suit. But a baby box? Click through to find out what it is and why I’ll be using one this time around.

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Weekend Stuff to Do {Local Fun}

WKNDOkay so you didn’t miss a whole bunch on Mamatoga this week, unfortunately I was a guest over at Saratoga Hospital for most of it dealing with the dreaded kidney stones once again! Since I am pregnant with baby #5 (20 weeks, halfway there!) I got to stay on the maternity ward, and once again I have to say how much I LOVE the nurses on that ward. They made me feel so comfortable and were just the sweetest (especially the one that brought me that brownie…). Anyway, I am home again and wanted to give you the details on the weekend happenings, so click through HERE to get the info!

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Mamatoga Magazine Special: The Pregnancy & Newborn Issue

2(2)This Spring’s upcoming issue of Mamatoga Magazine will have a special focus this year, it’s the Pregnancy and Newborn Issue! This issue will be designed as a guide for local moms to be and moms of newborns featuring profiles of local hospitals and maternity wards, local must haves for moms, classes and info sessions for moms and much more that can be used for expecting moms all year round.

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