DIY Snack Station: Get Organized {Best Summer Ever}

BESTSUMMEREVER'16(3)Getting the kids to eat healthy remains one of my biggest challenges, and sometimes it can feel like a constant struggle (especially with my SUPER picky four year old who has two food groups: bread and cheese). Add in the relaxed feel of the summer and it can feel like an endless stream of hot dogs and bomb pops. That’s why I love our snack stations, besides helping the kids make healthy food choices, they save a ton of time all week when you don’t need to immediately respond to the “But I’m HUNGRY” demands. Simply direct them to the snack station. Don’t like it? Don’t eat it, that’s my motto. But with a bunch of healthy (and delicious) options, they always find something they wind up enjoying…

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Plan Ahead for your Best Summer EVER

BESTSUMMEREVER'16(1)Signs of it are everywhere, school stuff starting to wrap up, summer camp planning in full swing, kiddie pools on display at the stores: summer is around the corner. Now, while I LOVE the notion of just throwing caution to the wind and winging it and having a carefree, schedule free summer, the reality is I have four (almost five) children under age 10 and planning is like a life vest for me when it comes to having things run smoothly. That’s why I’m already introducing Mamatoga’s BEST SUMMER EVER Guide!

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Bored Kids? Free Printable!

The Benefits of FruitThis past weekend we had three lacrosse games, playdates, visits with grandma, trips to Target (of course), outside play, bike rides, trips to the Fun Spot, Mother’s Day fun and MORE. But guess what? My kids were still bored.

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What Advice Would You Give Yourself?


I’m not always an advice giver. Everyone’s experience is so vastly different, and it can be hard to give fellow moms advice, even if it is 100% well intentioned. And don’t get me started on the flipside, and how hard it can be to TAKE someone else’s advice. But I find myself time and again lately remembering and comparing what it was like to be a first time mom and what it is like to be a soon-to-be fifth time mom, and what it was like before I even became a mom. What has changed, what has stayed the same, and most importantly, what advice would I give to first time mom me and pre-kids me if I could go back in time and tell her some of the things I have learned?

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The One Product That Made Road Trips with Kids Bearable

indexRecently we took a little road trip to Boston to check out their Children’s Museum and take in the sights (LOVED the museum by the way, two thumbs up). Now, we all know a road trip with kids can be less than relaxing, especially the part where you are all stuck in the car together for hours. BUT, our four year old has added in a fun new element that makes it that much more insanity inducing: he takes his seatbelt off. Like all the time. And gets out of his seat and walks around the minivan while we are driving down the highway. EVERY. TIME. Even if we are just going over to the store, this kid WILL NOT keep his seatbelt on. Until I found this product for which I will be always grateful.

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Mamatoga Mother’s Day Giveaways: Nursing Mama & Baby Goodies from The Bundle Store

FlowersThe Bundle Store has you nursing mamas covered this Mother’s Day with this fabulous giveaway featuring products perfect for the breastfeeding mama and her baby. Click through to see the goodies and to enter now!

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WEEKEND Stuff to Do

william conrad + heidi prattclick the photo above to get the Saratoga Springs weekend rundown

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Mamatoga Giveaway: Postpartum Doula Care for a New Mom & Baby


This Mother’s Day giveaway is just for those expecting mamas in the form of some extra special care and attention in those important first few days and weeks after having a new baby. Erica DeBie is an experienced, professional doula, birth educator, and newborn care specialist/baby nurse who was recently featured in Mamatoga Magazine’s Pregnancy and Newborn Issue.

For this giveaway she is offering one mama a four hour session of postpartum doula care, click through to find out more about Erica, more about what is included in a four hour session, and how to enter for yourself or for that special expecting mama in your life!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guides 2016


OMG I want one of each of these right now! I’ve rounded up my current favorites for mamas to be and for full grown mama bears. Everything from a mini break to some local favorites, check out the guide by clicking through…

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