Introducing the New Series: Ask Your Mama

40You guys know I get a lot of great advice from my own mom, and a lot of times I’m asking her about the differences between when she was a parent and what parenting is like now. For months now I’ve toyed with the idea of a mother daughter interview series, and this summer I am going to just jump in and start it. I’m asking you readers to take part, simply by taking some time to sit down and chat with your own mom about her experiences as a parent and what she thinks about parenting in today’s world. Want to take part? Click through for the info…

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mini city(8)click the photo above to see all the happenings around town on Mini City Saratoga

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Get Your Float On

Wouldby guest blogger Jess Updyke

From the non-stop frenzy that is everyday life for parents everywhere, it’s hard to find an activity that really allows you to relax in ways one really needs to feel fully rejuvenated.  My husband and I heard that a float center had opened up in Ballston Spa and said it was something we would try but never acted on that urge until recently.

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Weathering a Perfect Storm of Parenting


About a week before baby #5 was born, baby #4 decided she was D-O-N-E with her crib. Not just done, she was flinging herself over the crib railing head first. She wanted out. Fine. No problem. We’ll just transition her to a big girl bed, no problem! We did it three times before, we can do it again. Cut to me sleeping next to a little blonde bed hog who refuses not only the crib but her new big girl bed.

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My Long Weekend {in photos}


We scrapped our plans to go on a road trip, with a newborn the idea was slightly less appealing than we originally thought, and stayed close to home for the long weekend. We checked out the local lemonade stands, dug in the sand in Lake George, picked blueberries at Winney’s Farm and hit the pool at McGregor. Most of the weekend was spent in bathing suits (July 4th is one of the few holidays I can get away with them ALL matching) and eating Bomb pops, lighting sparklers and cutting up watermelon.

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Happy 4th!


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Mini City Saratoga July 4th Guide

HappyFourthclick the photo above for all the local family friendly info for the 4th!

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I Took a Shower Today


And let me tell you, it was awesome. Showering is just one of the things you come to truly appreciate when you have a newborn. Before I had kids did I ever think that I would feel this huge sense of accomplishment simply for taking a shower? Nope.

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Weekend Stuff to Do

mini city(6)click the photo to see what’s up this weekend

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$1 Movies? Yes please!

regal summer movieclick the photo above for details…

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