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Apple-A-Day Nursery School  •  45 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs •  583-9442

Deborah Pack is the director and teacher at Apple-A-Day Nursery School, an early childhood education program serving ages 2-5.

We are a private school offering both morning and afternoon classes for ages 4 and 5.  Our Pre-K full-day classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we have morning classes for the younger children.  Potty-training is a plus, but not a requirement for children ages 2-3.  A “Lunch Bunch” after school program is available daily until 12:30 pm.

We are known for our solid thematic and interdisciplinary curriculum presented in a positive and nurturing environment.  Our program is focused and planned for the unique interests and skills of each student and centers on the social, emotional, physical, and academic readiness for Kindergarten.  We are a friendly and family-oriented school that places a high emphasis on the joy of learning.

North Country Academy  •  7 Care Lane  •  584-9982

Our Saratoga Center on Care Lane is just minutes from the Saratoga Hospital and downtown Saratoga Springs. The facility offers Computer Education, Audio/Video monitored classrooms, and spacious outdoor playgrounds, with climbing equipment, swings, and toys among other special features. The maximum capacity is 135 children.

The Toddler Program (ages 18 months to 36 months)

The toddler program provides a rich array of activities for this age. The relationship between your toddler and his or her teacher is strengthened daily by learning new vocabulary through imitation and repetition. Progression of skills can be done at an individual page by experimenting with our developmentally appropriate materials. Small group activities include songs, stories, finger plays, and games teaching skills such as colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Our toddlers are encouraged to continue to master their self-help skills, begin potty training and to play independently. Outdoor and indoor activities include opportunities for exercise and engaging in jumping, running, kicking and throwing. Our very active toddlers spend their day exploring, discovering and interacting socially with friends.

The Preschool Program (ages 3-4)

The preschool program is based on our unique theme-related curriculum. Combining creativity and basic skills, our preschoolers experience a wide range of subjects including reading, language, math, music, physical education and much more. At this age, learning centers are used to allow small group activities for short spans of time. Children move from one center to another mastering skills and problem-solving. Technology centers enhance and expand learning as new knowledge is put to practical use within the classroom. Time spent outdoors allows opportunities to develop advanced coordination and large muscle skills. Children develop self-control through jumping, dancing, balancing and playing sports and games. A variety of educational activities introduces a world of new challenges to our preschoolers.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program/K Prep (ages 4 and 5)

The preparation gained in this program will allow a smooth transition into the public school curriculum. Our pre-kindergarten develop skills during their most important school year by engaging in learning that is both fun and rewarding. To master the readiness skills that are needed, a hands-on, stimulating room with structured centers helps to build a strong academic start. Concepts are introduced in subjects that include study skills, mathematics, phonics, technology center, handwriting, practical skills, science, social studies, and foreign language education. Our themed curriculum gives our students a broad base of knowledge and a desire to continue learning.

St Mary’s  •  40 Thompson Street  •  Ballston Spa  •  885-7300

Nursery School – T/Th 9:00-11:30am

Designed for children 2 1/2 – 3 years of age.  Children on the younger side must exhibit the attention span and social skills to participate in a structured program.  This program focuses on social development, listening skills, developmentally appropriate fine and gross motor skills, following directions, number and letter awareness, and functioning in a large-group setting.

Preschool – M/W/F 9:00-11:30am

Designed as the next step for the older 3 or 4 year-old child.  Builds upon skills acquired in Nusery School, or a great first program for a 4 year-old who has not been in a program before.  The focus of this program is early literacy (upper and lowercase letter recognition, consonant letter sounds, basic story elements), mathematical concepts (number recognition, sets of numbers, patterns, classifying, graphing), writing letters correctly, fine and gross motor development, religion, independent scissor skills, rhythm, music, art, and much more.  Students also attend library once a week and will use the SmartBoard in technology on occasion.  This program can be the step before kindergarten for many children.

Half Day Pre-K – Monday – Friday 12:30-3:00pm

Designed as the 3rd step for children who have attended the previous two programs, but still have another year before kindergarten or have a fall birthday and may choose to wait another year before kindergarten.  This program also works well for many children who have already completed Nursery School and would do well with the structure, consistency, and challenge of a 5-day program.  The focus of this program is the same as Preschool, but has more content due to the fact that it is 5 days and builds upon the content of the preschool program for children who have completed that.  In addition, students receive library, music, phys. ed, and technology on a weekly basis and taught by those staff members.  Scholastic News, an age-appropriate newspaper, is also part of the weekly curriculum.

Full Day Pre-K – Monday – Friday  9:10-3:00pm

Designed  for children who turn 4 by December 1 of that year. This is a wonderful program for 4 year-olds or children who may opt to wait another year before entering kindergarten.  In addition to the content mentioned above, children in this program eat lunch at school, have rest time, and outside play on a daily basis.

Small Wonders Preschool  •  175 5th Avenue  •  584-3720

2 Year Olds-   “Littlest Wonders”
1 day/week;   Monday/Wednesday or Friday
8 children/class with 1 teacher & 1 assistant

3 Year Olds
2 days/week  Tuesday & Thursday
12 children/class with 1 teacher & 1 assistant

4 days/week Monday – Thursday
16 children/class with 2 teachers

Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church
175 Fifth Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
584-3720  ext.14

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  1. Katie says:

    The info for Small Wonders above is from a different Small Wonders in another place. The website for the school in Saratoga is above. It’s a great school!

  2. Aimee Joseph says:

    Small Wonders Christian Preschool shown above has a new web page and the 2 year old class is 2 days/week (M & W). Next fall, the 2 year old class will run 9:30-11:30 on the same 2 days. Thank you for updating our information!

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