Mamatoga Design Top Ten: Chalkboard Paint

I have recently become obsessed with chalkboard paint readers. I finally took the plunge and painted the two sliding closet doors in the kids playroom with chalkboard paint and they absolutely love it. They both have this huge canvas to draw on, and with just a couple boxes of chalk they can have the fun of the forbidden "drawing on the walls" and be as creative as they want with the big surface. The other bonus of chalkboard paint is that it is sleek and sophisticated with its matte black surface and can add a touch of cool to your room. My obsession with it has been brewing for a while, inspired by some great ideas and photographs I've seen and the different ways people have come up with using it. Here I'm going to share some of my favorite ways to give your room a chalkboard paint makeover. It's as easy as simply painting the surface you want and its available at Home Depot or pretty much any hardware store. 1. Paint your Fridge. Need a change in the kitchen but don't want to do a big overhaul? Check out this blog post by The Handmade Home, she decided to give her kitchen a little makeover and painted her fridge with chalkboard paint, transforming it into a surface for drawing, to do lists, grocery list reminders and it can still function as a regular unpainted fridge with magnets! You can let your little one draw all over it or wipe it clean when you need a simpler look.




2. Chalkboard Dresser. If you have an old dresser or chest of drawers that needs a new coat of paint to spruce it up, try chalkboard paint instead and turn it into a little piece of modern design! You can do one for any room, use chalk to label the drawers and decorate it, and the best part is it can be wiped clean and moved to another room and relabeled with no problem! So your dining room chest of drawers with the napkins and placemats labels can easily be switched up to have socks and t-shirts instead!


3. Go green! (Or purple, or red, or blue...) If the black chalkboard paint isn't your thing but you still love the idea, it can still work for you because it comes in a ton of other colors too! Green is just one of the more traditional "chalkboard" colors it comes in and it can give you the same fun freedom as the black paint without the starkness of the black.





4. Make it girly. Use the pink chalkboard paint in your little girl's room or playroom if you've got a girly girl with a creative side. The paint turns out so pretty it looks great wiped clean and plain or decorated with your little one's masterpieces!






5. Chalkboard wall decals. These are great if you want to try out the chalkboard look without taking the plunge of painting at all. These cute decals come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed anywhere and easily removed. I've got four squares of them on the side of my fridge and they are great to write last minute reminders or the schedule for the week, or to let the kids draw on while they wait for lunch. I love the idea of putting one by a key ring as a last minute reminder station before heading out the door. And we all know how much I LOVE wall decals!


6. Chalkboard tabletop. There are a bunch of different ways to do this idea, you can do your dining room table or a more casual outdoor or breakfast table, or you can paint the top of a kids table either for eating or for an art table. And if you're really crafty, check out this DIY post about how to make your own kids chalkboard table and benches!





7. Paint a whole wall. This is a bold and modern way to go with the chalkboard trend. Pick a wall in virtually any room in your house and paint the entire thing floor to ceiling. You can leave it bare or also put up shelves, hang pictures or a mirror, or fill in some of the space with furniture. There are endless possibilities with this idea and I love the look and graphic design appeal it can lend to a room. The picture is an example of how sleek the chalkboard paint can look when it isn't drawn on, it has a beautiful richness to it and I love the idea of little ones coming in to scribble love notes on it in the morning. This bedroom actually belongs to one of my favorite women, J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons (courtesy of the sadly now defunct Domino magazine).


8. Chalkboard headboard. Your headboard can be turned into a work of art using chalkboard paint. You can do it a number of different ways as well, you can hang a chalkboard behind the bed, frame a section of paint, or paint an old headboard (or headboard shaped piece of wood) to hang behind the bed. This headboard has a pretty touch with the white framing, and you can decorate it with whatever little note or drawing you like, something to remind you perhaps, or inspire you for your day! Or maybe a little lullaby to help you drift off to sleep...This idea is great for a child's room as well, especially one who wants to do JUST ONE MORE drawing before bed, or read one more story. Instead of reading the umpteenth story let them scribble their own story behind their bed to inspire their dreams.


9. Chalkboard paint labels. This is a cute way to have functional labels for just about anything. Paint them directly onto the containers or paint the little signs to attach to baskets or your choice of containers. Perfect for any room, they can be great for a playroom to help your child remember what goes where. We've got a big basket in our mud room with a chalkboard label that can change from season to season, from "flip flops" to "mittens" and anything in between.


10. Spice rack (or coat rack, or calendar, or lampshade, or Advent calendar...) the point here is that the possibilities are as endless as your imagination and design style when using chalkboard paint. You can use a little or a lot in any room you choose. It can be modern, or cute, functional or purely decorative. You can combine it with frames, hooks, furniture, shelves, whatever you want! Have fun with it and see where your imagination can take you!