Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: Fitting Fitness Into Your CURRENT Lifestyle

I love working out at the gym. Being around other people who  aspire toward similar goals as mine is highly motivating. In addition, going to the gym helps to keep me on task. I am solely focused on the goal of improving my fitness level. I like that there are so many great “toys” available at my fingertips! I always have a fitness program to follow. As I have said before, having a plan keeps me on task and always working toward something, and seeing tangible proof that I am improving in some way is also motivating.

However, as a fitness professional, my message always puts a strong focus on the fact that you do not HAVE to go to a gym to get an amazing workout. In fact, a large part of my business is comprised of designing at home fitness programs for busy people just like all of you (and me). Many people lead extremely busy lives and trying to get to an actual gym to work out can be just one more reason that you don’t!

And you probably all get the fact by now that I am all about “no excuses”. Whatever obstacle is in your way and is preventing you from reaching your fitness goals, eliminate it.

I recently had to remind mySELF of this very message. MY message.  Me, with my paper plate exercises, and my at home workout fitness segments. I just had to remind myself of the very facts I am always touting in my blog, and in my videos.

J-trim, hello, practice what you preach!

Let me explain. As of very recently, my fitness business has really taken off. I mean, things were going well before, but my business has currently taken a very large leap forward. While I welcome all of this opportunity and growth with open arms, my “free” time has now seriously diminished.

I had been going to the gym three to four times a week up until recently and this was the perfect design for me. I would work really hard on those four days, and recover for the other three.

Well, for the last two weeks, I did not go even once. I kept saying “I’ll go tomorrow” and then tomorrow would get here and another great new project would pop up which needed my immediate attention (in addition to all the other things I needed to do) and I wouldn’t go. (Does this sound like anyone you know? Wink)

This pattern went on for two weeks until I had my “Eureka” moment.

“Work out at home silly!”

It’s SO simple, right? YES!

So why did it take me so long to come to this plain-as-the-nose-on-my face conclusion? I mean, here I am, J-trim, always telling you guys to fit fitness into your CURRENT lifestyle, to do what you can WHEN you can. That it ALL counts! And here I am, being such a creature of HABIT that I am not even following my own wonderfully sensible advice!

I am being just like everyone else! (See? I really do get you!)

Over the weekend I bought some additional equipment that I can use at home. If the bulk of my workouts are going to be done at home (and for now, they are) I definitely needed some heavier weights. The nice thing about investing in work out products for at home, you can always use them.

I found a great set of adjustable hand weights that can vary from 12 to 40 pounds. These will be great for so many exercises I perform. They also saved me some money. I also ordered an attachment piece for my ceiling for which I can attach my TRX cable system. You really don’t need to buy a lot of stuff to get a great workout at home and you don’t have to buy everything at once. As you get stronger invest in some heavier weights or tubing with greater resistance.

The playground around the corner from me has the perfect bar for practicing pull ups still and when in a pinch; your own body weight can give you a really demanding workout challenge as well.

So…I figure if I am making this big transition, why not share some of my at home workout ideas? Its perfect timing. The weather is getting cooler and things are moving indoors.

Starting next week, I will welcome you into my living room once again, and this time be ready to lift some heavy things and put them down. Even if I am missing the gym, I won’t be missing my challenging workouts.

I am so glad I listened to me!

Now get out there!

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