Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: J-trim’s 6 Must-Have Fitness Items for Your Home

I train quite a few of my clients in their homes. In the beginning, many of them are highly skeptical as to whether they can truly get a good workout in their living room, back yard, or kitchen! That doubt immediately goes away once they are huffing and puffing with sweat running down their cheeks and then feeling some serious (yet beneficial) muscle soreness a day or two later.

As I mentioned last week, with my now even busier schedule, it has been near impossible for me to get to the gym. So instead, I am working out at home just like many of my clients.

Yesterday I fit in a highly effective thirty minute workout, and today I am feeling the muscles I worked BIG time. I literally finished a set of side planks and push ups in my kitchen while I started prepping my lunch!

“Do WHAT you can, WHEN you can. It’s really all you need!” ~j-trim

As I also mentioned, I did buy some extra pieces of equipment for my home workouts, but I have been strength training a long time so I need a wider variety of weights that include some heavier selections. If you are new to strength training or just getting back to it, your own body weight will be more than enough for most exercises in the beginning. In fact, for many exercises, it’s recommended. Of course, we aren’t going to perform a chest press without anything in our hands. That would just be downright silly!

Before I start sharing my at- home workouts with all of you I first want to make some recommendations on equipment and what to buy. Some items are a darn smart investment and don’t cost all that much.

Here are the items I recommend purchasing and the reasons why.

(Please note that my store and brand recommendations are simply based on what I own and what I like and I am in no way tied to any of these brands or companies. In other words, I have yet to receive a well -deserved “kick back” from any of them. But now I am making this personal…okay, I’m back!)

J-trims At-home Fitness Dream Wish List (As in, “This is my dream for you”!)

This is probably the priciest item on my list and worth every penny! You can buy some cheaper knock offs (and I have) but none of them can come even close to comparing. You can get an amazing total body workout just with this one piece of equipment. The ceiling mount allows greater use of the Suspension system. By the way, if you travel a lot and still want to get a great workout in, this thing can, and should be, your most favorite travel companion. (sorry, significant others…)

These are another highly versatile equipment choice. Like weights, you will need a variety of resistance levels for different types of exercise. Starting out, I recommend 4. Light, medium, strong, and extra strong resistance. (around 5/10lbs equivalent up to 25/30lbs equivalent)Make sure you buy the ones with the door attachment! If you already own resistance bands, you can buy the door attachments online for a couple bucks.

I just bought this exact set and they are perfect! Now keep in mind that you need to buy a quantity of two. That way you have a set of dumbbells that can vary from 8lbs a piece up to 40lbs a piece. (yes, you WILL eventually need that much weight, and over time, for certain exercises, even more!)

Also known as an exercise ball or stability ball. Make sure you get the right size for your height. It’s very important that the ball be the correct size and fully inflated. When you press down on the ball, it should be taut, and “push back” at you. Invest in a good pump so you can keep your ball properly inflated at all times. (Family tip: if you have kids I recommend buying one or two that are kid size so your kids have their own balls to play on. It’s a great way to exercise together.)

Or you can invest in some gliding discs if you want to spend the money. Both work well!

You can give yourself a massage with this and get all those tight, unhappy parts of your body to loosen up, release, allow greater range of movement, feel less pain, and thus, be happy once again! All for less than $15? Yes. ‘Tis true.

So there is my list. I know, it’s a little early for the holidays but it is never too soon to invest in your health!

Next week we are going to start playing with all of these fun toys. If you haven’t gathered from my overly playful tone that I am really excited about this, let me tell you now, Mamatogians…I am REALLY excited about this!

Now get out there!

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