Mamatoga Review: 9 Miles East Pizza Delivery

1798245_1572955676258068_7153115551792800847_nSpoiler alert on this review, I LOVE THIS IDEA.

I also love the idea of feeding my family local, fresh food, but to be honest it doesn't happen nearly as much as I would like it to. Add into that mix some very picky eaters and that makes it even more difficult to find something good for dinner.

Enter 9 Miles East Pizza Delivery. You might recognize the name from their 9 Miles East Farm, where they grow vegetables on the 11-acre farm and prepare weekly meals in a commercial kitchen for a group of subscribers near Saratoga Springs. It's like a CSA, only instead of a box of vegetables, you get lasagna. Or gumbo. Or Indian eggplant. Whatever's freshest that week.

Getting my kids to eat gumbo? Probably not going to happen (although I will continue to try to expand their culinary horizons). But pizza? That's a definite yes.

We chatted with Gordon Sacks from 9 Miles East about this great idea as the scent of homemade, farm fresh pizza wafted nearby...

"Our whole idea is that is should be really easy for people to eat healthy food, people are busy, and it's not going to work till it is as easy as fast food. We grow it, we cook it, we deliver it, that's how we got started, and pizza is the next evolution of that. Pizza is universal, everybody eats pizza. We want to introduce local food to people in this great common ground way in something that everyone will eat. We want people to know you can have something that is healthy, local, delicious, and accessible."

We tried their farmhouse and the barnyard, as well as a special that they had that week (changes weekly) and all three were simply amazing. They totally nailed the crust. It has a great texture without being too doughy or heavy, the tomato sauce is zingy and rich and fresh, and the cheese, OMG the cheese... All three kids loved it, which is RARE for them to all actually eat and enjoy something. I can't actually pick a favorite since I liked each of them, but if I had to suggest a family friendly one I'd say go with the Farmhouse (also check on what their special pizza is that week for sure).

To see the full menu click right here. Their pizza is available 7 nights a week, from 5-10 pm. Order via their Facebook page here.