Okay, I know what you're thinking, it's not "heatpocalypse", technically they're calling it a "heat dome" but to be honest I prefer heatpocalypse myself. Either way, it's brutally hot out there readers, not that I need to tell you, I have seen the packed beach at Moreau State Park yesterday and the sprinkler park on Lake Ave. full of people trying to cool off. I also don't need to tell you because I'm sure you, like myself, have already had around fourteen conversations about the heat today. Today my main concern is that Opening Day at the racetrack won't happen. We have the day planned tomorrow to go over there with both the boy (4 years old) and the girl (three years old) and I'm getting a little nervous about said heat dome if the meet isn't canceled altogether. We have a table reservation at the Porch so at least I know we'll have some shade and access to waiters bearing cold drinks, but the combination of two small children, being four months pregnant and this heat dome might be tricky. Either way I'm prepared to brave the raging inferno of heat, and it will be worth it to attend the opening day of one of my, nay, my absolute favorite summertime activity in Saratoga. I'm a big fan of all horse sports, I've been riding since I was a little girl and pretty much anything involving horses is interesting to me, so Saratoga is the perfect place. I'm strictly a clubhouse person when it comes to the track, and the best way to do it with children in tow is to get a table and a couple orders of the Saratoga chips and work on the children's handicapping skills. I'm also looking forward to seeing my favorite person at the track, Sam the Bugler. I'll be posting a recap of my experience with Opening Day/Heatpocalypse 2011 this weekend, but in the meantime let me know what your plans are for this weekend! Are you heading out of town, to a pool or lake, or will you be at the track with me? Either way I hope you find a way to escape the heat, and if S. and I luck out and get a sitter maybe you can find us at (formerly the Lodge) Siro's Trattoria!