Welcome to Mamatoga!

Welcome to Mamatoga readers! Here at Mamatoga you will find tips and information about places to eat, places to play, places to shop, places to learn and much much more in the Saratoga Springs area. Alongside our blog, written by yours truly, mamatogajenny, you'll find reviews of shops, restaurants, area attractions, schools and more with helpful hints to make it easier to navigate the streets of Saratoga with your little one(s) in tow. When I first moved to Saratoga three years ago I didn't know a single person, let alone another mom. I didn't know where to send my son to preschool, where the kid friendly restaurants were, where to shop, where the best playgrounds and pools were, I was completely hopeless. And even after being here a year, I realized there was still a ton of stuff I didn't know, like the fact that some moms show up at dawn at the YMCA to register their kids for preschool or that Skidmore did tennis lessons for four year olds in the summer. Now, with my son going to kindergarten at Dorothy Nolan in the fall and my daughter going to Skidmore's preschool and a baby due in January, I have a lot more figured out. Not everything of course, that will never happen, but I realize how many of these little tips and gems I have uncovered in this beautiful city. Shopping and going out to eat happen to be two of my favorite things, and we are going to try to cover every restaurant and shop in town that might be interesting to moms, as well as scouting out all the activities for little ones from newborn to school age. Most of these tips came from mom friends I have made along the way, and we welcome comments or questions from you readers, if there is somewhere you'd like us to cover let us know! So if you're a new mom, a mom of three or more, visiting for track season or the weekend or a resident you will be able to find something here to make your life as a mom easier and more fun!