Mamatoga Freebie Friday Giveaway!

Hey readers! We are so excited to share our first Freebie Friday Giveaway with you! Today's Freebie is one free pass for any class at One Yoga Saratoga located at 75 Woodlawn Ave in Saratoga. One Yoga offers a ton of different classes from Ashtanga  to Vinyasa to Pilates, plus teen and kids classes (the kids classes are taught by yours truly!), descriptions of which you can check out here, plus it is owned and operated by a local (incredibly fit) mom! Today MamatogaJulie and I are heading downtown with the kids to have lunch at Wheatfields and some dessert at Circus Cafe and I'm hoping the kids can find something they'll actually eat. My kids, like a lot of kids their age, can be notoriously picky when it comes to food, but can surprise me from time to time with things they like. The boy had recently taken a liking to beets. We were at the buffet at Four Seasons and he piled a plate high with beets, I started to tell him that he shouldn't take stuff he isn't going to eat when he finished off the plate in record time and declared beets his favorite food. You never know what to expect! Last time we were at Augie's the girl almost finished our entire bowl of mussels, claiming she has always loved mussels. Of course we went out of our way to ply them with beets and mussels the next chance we got but no, their branching out was short lived so far and I have finally stopped pleading with the boy, "But you LOVE beets!". So for our Freebie Friday Giveaway today I want to hear about your picky eaters and their weird or unexpected food favorites. Does your little one love anchovies? Do raw radishes make your toddler ravenous? Let us know in the comments section and we will pick the best comment as our FIRST FREEBIE FRIDAY winner! You have until 5pm to enter your comment and then we will announce the winner on facebook!