Mamatoga Review: Brunch at Max London's

Readers, I have to admit that my favorite meal of the week is brunch. I love the leisurely pace of it, especially if I have the opportunity to do the Times crossword while enjoying my meal, which doesn't always happen if I go to brunch with the kids. Today I had the opportunity to do an adults only brunch at Max London's, one of my all time favorite brunch favorites. In this particular review I'm only going to cover their brunch, but keep in mind that they do an amazing lunch and dinner, and it is a great place to go and have a drink as well, I'm sure I'll be featuring them again at some time in the future. We started out our meal with a pot of their coffee which is always unbelievably good. I'm not sure what makes it so delicious, but it comes in a nice fat coffee press for one (or two to share). S. made one of our favorite simple drinks, fresh squeezed orange juice mixed with Saratoga Sparkling Spring Water. Usually I order my favorite brunch drink, a mimosa, and Max's has some great twists on this classic drink and other brunch favorites like an amazing spicy bloody mary and an absolutely delicious bellini. For our brunch, I got my all time favorite Max dish, the chickpea polenta fries. I hope Max never takes these off the menu because they are always perfect and the kids love them as well. They are bigger than regular "fries" and come with a black olive aioli, which I always need to ask for an extra little dish of because it is so delectable. S. got the breakfast pizza, with bacon, baked egg, fontina and house made mozzarella, which is amazing. The crust is crispy and the house made mozzarella is to die for. My Mom got one of my other favorites the beet salad, which is a simple yet delicious salad made up of fat roasted beets, feta, piquillo dressing and pistachios. The salad is light yet substantial enough to have alone as a meal, a perfect brunch menu item. What I like about Max's brunch menu is that it has all the regular brunch features like french toast, steak and eggs and omelettes, but also some interesting dishes to try out like the salt cod-potato cakes and the chicken chorizo ranchero pizza. They also feature a lot of items from local farms like eggs from American Masala Farm in Salem and beef from Long Lesson Farm in Buskirk. Even though this brunch was sans kids, Max's is pretty kid friendly and I have taken the kids there for lunches and early dinners a bunch of times. They have high chairs and booster seats, and although they don't have a special kids menu they do have a lot of items that appeal to little ones like their pizzas and frites (also made with local potatoes!) and they can make up some little kid dishes like pasta with butter as well. Like I said before, my kids love the chickpea polenta fries too, and I love that Max's has some different little dishes that the kids can also try like the piggy back dates when I want them to attempt to branch out from their ordinary fare. They don't have crayons or coloring activities so be prepared for activities to keep little hands busy while they wait. Max's has outdoor seating as well, and it is conveniently located next to his mother's place, Mrs. London's so you can stop in there for a sweet bite after your brunch! 466 Broadway 587-3535

Hours: Dinner Mon.-Sun. 5pm till close, lunch Tues.-Fri. 11:30 till 2:30, Brunch Sat. & Sun. 11-3, bar menu daily from 3-5pm and late night