Mamatoga Style: Longchamp

If you take a little stroll down Broadway one item I can pretty much guarantee you'll spot on the arms of fashionable Saratoga moms is a Longchamp Le Pliage tote. Big or small, long handled or short, in all colors of the rainbow, it is a practical yet stylish bag that holds a lot and looks good while doing so. Last winter at Hot Yoga Saratoga one had to be careful they were taking home the right Longchamp (and the right pair of Uggs) since the cubbies seemed chock full of slightly different versions of the same bag. The Le Pliage was launched by Longchamp, the French leather and luxury goods company, in 1993. My first Longchamp tote was purchased years ago at, of all places, the Guatemala City airport duty free shop, it was grass green and I still break it out from time to time even though it has seen better days. In total I have nine Le Pliage totes in varying sizes and colors and I use one pretty much everyday. My favorite one is a large black one embossed with my initials that I lugged around Prague as a schoolbag when I was living there. It fit all of my books, some of the few British magazines I could find, and my groceries for the day which I would pick up at a small grocer at the beginning of the Charles Bridge. After a long day with that bag slung over my shoulder I would walk into the shop, gather up my few items, including a bottle of this mysterious South African Sauvignon Blanch (which I wish I had written down the name of ) and lug them all home, the big black nylon bag holding it all without any wear and tear. I still use the large tote as a carry on for every flight I take, and now I find the medium sized makes a perfect diaper bag, or a regular purse if you're somewhat of a pack rat. My dream Longchamp is the one pictured, the pink "Bone" one by designer Jeremy Scott, I just need to keep scouring eBay for one. So next time you are out people watching while having lunch see how many Longchamps you can spot, if you see someone walking by with a light jade green one, it might just be yours truly, most likely digging through it trying to locate the boy's Green Lantern ring.