The "Miss" Thing

When I was growing up way back in the 80's, children called adults by their last names. Teachers, friends of my parents, even close friends of my parents were addressed as "Mrs. So and so", and it wasn't just my family, everyone did it. I can remember my preschool teacher's name at Mount Carmel was named Mrs. Rutigliano, which is weird because last week I couldn't even remember what year I was born. Anyway, you can see why when I brought my son to his first day of two year old preschool I was mildly surprised that the teachers were called "Miss" followed by their first name. But it didn't stop there. At one of my very first playdates here in Saratoga one of the other moms instructed her child to "Give the purse back to Miss Jenny". "Miss Jenny"? What was that all about? I didn't remember okaying being addressed as Miss Jenny. Not that I expected to have approval of anything that other people's children called me, I was just completely unaware that this was the custom now. At first it didn't really bother me, after all, it is sort of a strange thing to be bothered by, but it never really grew on me, even as I found myself telling my own kids to do that same thing. Maybe I'm just being old fashioned, which isn't usually like me, but I sort of wish we had a little more formality like we did when I was growing up. I still address my mother's friends by their last names. A few years ago one of these women told me "Jenny, you're in your thirties now, you can call me by my first name" but I just can't bring myself to do it. But on the other hand, it isn't even the lack of formality, because I really am not that formal of a person. Maybe it's the idea of using the first name informally paired with this sort of silly "Miss" formality. Why not just go with the first name alone? What do you think readers? Are you a fan of the "Miss" thing or do you just go along with it because everyone else does it? Would you prefer children just using first names without the miss or last names? And does anyone else realize how ridiculous it sounds to address dads with Mr. and their first name, like "Mr. Joe"? Take our poll and leave your thoughts in the comments! [polldaddy poll=5254109]