Why Does my Toddler Love Lady Gaga?

Readers, if there is one thing I can be somewhat smug about (if I HAVE to choose one thing) it's my taste in music. Even growing up, thanks in part to having two older brothers who listened to good music, I would turn my nose up at the mainstream pop music for the most part. While other friends were playing Boyz II Men and Ace of Base at pool parties I'd be listening to Exile on Main Street, and when I found out I was going to have a baby I immediately made up my mind that I would do them the grand favor of imparting my musical taste on them, if they didn't already inherit it. When the boy was just a baby I would only play him songs off of my iPod, teaching him the names of the bands the way I was teaching him that cows go moo. When I had the girl it only intensified, and they started competing to see who could guess the name of the song or the band first. I was almost sure I had successfully brainwashed, I mean influenced, them into liking the same music as myself. But that all changed one fateful day in the car heading over to drop the boy off at preschool. I had left my iPod at home by accident, so we were just listening to the radio. A particularly annoying song came on the one station I listen to and NPR was a snooze so I was flipping around the dial (is that still a thing? My radio is digital so I don't know what the equivalent term is) and as I was pressing scan again the radio lingered on "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. I quickly pressed the button to go past it but was met with some fierce opposition from the Britax carseat in the back, "I want Lady Gaga!!" the girl shrieked. I was taken aback, and continued scanning the stations when the shrieking continued and in an effort to keep the peace I relented and switched it back to Lady Gaga. The girl instantly perked up and started dancing around in her carseat, even picking up a few words and singing along by the end of the song. How did this happen? I suppose once or twice I had left the radio on and they had heard her songs before, or maybe they caught bits and pieces of her while I was watching Good Morning America or something similar, but this was different. She KNEW who Lady Gaga WAS. Not only that, she recognized her music after about a second of listening to it. All of my hard work seemed torn asunder and the invaders were creeping in. It didn't stop there, no, if it stopped with Lady Gaga I would have been fine with that. No, it turned into demands for Rihanna, and various one hit wonder dance music songs I didn't even know the name of. It seemed like any poppy fluff music was what the girl wanted to hear, nay, demanded to hear. At first I refused, I would turn the radio off or tell her it wasn't "nice" music, or I would try to appease her with one of our old favorites, but to no avail. She would cry and get upset if I turned off the latest Pink song, so I started giving in, and it gave her so much pleasure to listen to it and I would get a laugh at seeing her sing along to these ridiculous songs. I'm telling myself that it's just a phase, that she won't grow up wanting to listen to that kind of music her whole life, that she'll develop more sophisticated tastes as an adult. In the meantime, I guess it isn't so bad, maybe being less of a music snob is a good thing, and I've actually started to sort of like "The Edge of Glory". Do you have a similar problem readers? Does your child listen to music that makes you crazy? Does your toddler have a favorite song that you can't stand or understand where it came from? Share your stories in the comments!