Photo Tips from Ashley Brown!

Good morning readers! I hope everyone has some fun stuff planned for this Saturday, it's an absolutely beautiful day in Saratoga Springs, and while you're out and about don't forget about our Summer in Saratoga Photo Contest, with a grand prize giveaway of a photo package from Ashley Brown Photography valued at $350! And here as a guest blogger today is Ashley Brown herself, with some helpful tips on how to take the best snapshots of you and your kids! We are really enjoying seeing your pictures readers, so keep it up and send in those fabulous Summer in Saratoga pictures!We all know it isn't possible to have a professional photographer on hand 24/7, but it is so important to capture those little, every day moments. With a few simple tips, you can create some beautiful snaps (and in turn, memories) to forever remember holidays, first days of school, missing teeth and all of those important details.

  • When it comes to gear, purchasing an entry level DSLR (like Canon's EOS Rebel) is a great move. A DSLR will give you increased functionality, like being able to snap at a rapid fire pace. You don't need to drop thousands by any means... for every day purposes, a basic DSLR will be a perfect fit (it will also be lightweight, which is an important feature if you are going to tote your camera around).
  • When outdoors or in a well lit room, turn off your flash to avoid harsh lighting and red eye. Use flash only at night, in dark rooms, or when you want to illuminate both your subject and the background (like a beautiful blue sky or mountains.
  • Stay out of the sun, unless you want squinty eyes. Seek out shady areas or turn their backs to the sun.
  • Don't be afraid to get down on your hands and knees or lie on the ground to get a unique angle. Likewise, creative vantage points, like peeking around a door at a child playing in their room or sticking your lens through a slat in their swing set, create really fun images.
  • If you want candid and realistic shots of your kids, resist the urge to have them "say cheese" or coercing them into behaving. Silliness goes a lot way in getting a natural smile.
  • When photographing your family or kids together, squish in close. Eliminate any space in between subjects for a warm and cozy shot.
  • Don't forget about the little details... sandy toes at the beach, long eyelashes, and gap toothed smiles. Get up close and personal! Most cameras have a "macro" or close-up mode to help achieve great detail shots.
  • Don't forget you. Our clients tell us all the time that none of their personal snapshots include mom. Your children will cherish images that include their parents, so make a point to put the camera on self timer (or hand it to dad) so that you are included.