Be True to Your (Pre)School!

Hello readers! I hope everyone has found some fun ways to spend this rainy day, I spent a large chunk of the day getting Finn ready for kindergarten. I'm embarrassed to say that I actually went to three different stores trying to find the boxes of 16 count crayons (not 8 count, not 24 count, no of course not) specified on his school supply list. It turned into more of a personal mission to find them rather than thinking it was super important to get the right ones this very day, and I'm even more embarrassed to admit how victorious I felt when I found the last four boxes at Wal Mart. We also went up to the outlets and picked out some new outfits and got haircuts all in preparation for the big first day of kindergarten, and all day I kept on reminiscing about preschool, the good old days. I remember practically tearing up (okay I cried, I've already admitted I felt victorious about finding crayons, I might as well admit this too) when I got Finn's first "art project" from his two year old preschool class. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of painting, all brown from the colors getting all mixed up together, but there in the corner his teacher had written his first name and I realized I had his first school artwork and I treasured it more than I would have imagined I would. Finn spent all of his preschool years at the YMCA, sharing one year with St. Clement's, and he finished out this past year with the same teacher he had in two year old preschool. Sitting there at his graduation in the gymnasium at the Y (a much bigger affair than I expected) I reflected (and cried again) on how important those years were, the little friends he made, the lessons he learned that I would not have been able to teach him, and all of the friends I had made and lessons I learned as a mom. It was an immensely valuable experience, and I feel lucky to have been able to send him to preschool starting that young, and I'm hoping it will help him, and me, with his new kindergarten adventure. So I want to hear from you, readers! I want to hear about your experiences with preschools here in Saratoga Springs. Most moms I talk to about preschool just love the school they chose, and I want to know what makes the school you picked the best. Was it the teacher to student ratio? The playground or classrooms? The class trips or extracurricular activities they offered like swimming classes or art classes? Tell us about your preschool experience, we want to build a wealth of information here for moms new to the area with preschoolers or new to preschool in general. Since we have so many great options to choose from it can be hard to pick one, but maybe with your help we can make it easier. So comment, or write a special review post on the school for us that we'll put up here on the site, and share your experience and knowledge about your preschool with other Mamatogians!