Mamatoga Favorites: Friday Pancakes

Good morning Mamatogians! Today is such a beautiful late summer day here in Saratoga, with just a touch of fall in the air to get everyone thinking of all the new beginnings fall has to offer, new classrooms and teachers, new fall clothes, new classes and programs on offer around town. One thing we do here in my household every Friday is to make pancakes. It started back when Finn first was old enough to eat them, and it always turned out to be the day that he didn't have preschool or any toddler classes. I wouldn't schedule any playdates for Friday morning, we would just stay in our pajamas, make pancakes and hang out. But after I exhausted every flavor, every fruit, every topping, the kids still wanted something different in the pancake department, so I started making shapes and having pancake themes for what we were doing that day or the upcoming weekend. Today I had to recycle an old favorite, because we are going horseback riding at North Country Horses later today and I want them to get even more excited than they already are. Once fall comes I'm going to have to push this tradition into Saturdays since, being realistic, I won't be able to whip up homemade pancakes and get Finn on the bus on time since he's starting kindergarten this year. But I want to keep it a tradition in our house, and I want you to share your culinary traditions with us readers. Is there a favorite food that your little ones love that you create for them on a special day? Let us know, and send your pictures too! And stay tuned to the website today because very soon we have our Freebie Friday Feather Giveaway! Happy Friday readers!