Mamatoga Online Book Club: Calling for Suggestions!

Hey Mamatogians! Here at Mamatoga we really want to foster the strong sense of community that we already have here in Saratoga Springs and bring it to our website, and one of the ideas that we have gotten from some of our readers is to start an online book club! It will be a very casual book club (you can show up at your laptop in your pajamas!) and we will have one post a week about the book we all chose where we can discuss the book in the comments section. If book clubbers want to branch out and actually meet and discuss in person then we can set that up as well! But first, we need to pick a book, so start sending in your suggestions! It can be something you haven't read yet and would love to read, and we will all vote on what book we want to pick here before we start. So let us know either here in the comments section or on facebook, and we will narrow down the suggestions to the top three and vote on them!