Mamatoga Online Book Club: Suggestion Round-Up and Last Call!

So is everyone keeping dry out there in Mamatoga land? It looks like it might be letting up in our area right now, knock on wood! This rainy weather makes me think of curling up with a good book, which of course made me think of the Mamatoga Online Book Club! All of your great suggestions keep coming in, and I wanted to open it up again for suggestions one last time so we can vote tomorrow, and then we will announce the first title for our club. So far here are the suggestions you have given:

  • Anything by Curtis Sittenfeld

Click on any of the titles to read about them on Amazon and let us know if there is anything you want us to add to the list, then we can vote on which book to have as our first title! We'll have Book Club posts on Sunday nights, and we can have discussions in the comment section of the post or create our own special book club comment section to discuss depending on how many participants we have. So check out these titles, let us know what you think and let's get reading!