Mamatoga Style: Back to School

It's almost that time of year again Mamatogians, as I was writing our post about our exciting "At the Store, Buy One More" campaign I got to thinking about gearing up for a brand new school year. This year Finn is starting kindergarten and Leven is starting pre-school at Skidmore and the timing is also coinciding nicely with a major growth spurt on Finn's part. He's eating like a mini horse and all of a sudden every piece of clothing he owns is just a little too small. Lev, on the other hand, is just finally stating to outgrow some of her 12-18 month old clothes. She's three. A very petite three apparently. So my thoughts are turning to school clothes and some of my personal favorite back to school outfits. One year I remember I was so excited about wearing my new oversized Champion sweatshirt in neon pink with some black leggings, white Wigwam socks scrunched down and brand new Keds, I was beyond cool. Another year I was rocking a pair of black Z. Cavaricci pants, hopefully I'm not the only one that remembers those, with a white t-shirt tucked in and a black belt with a huge sliver buckle. Super cool. Hopefully no one has any photographic evidence of these sartorial missteps, and hopefully I can learn from my past fashion mistakes and dress my own kids in something that won't be cringe worthy when they're older. This time of year is also the time of the fantastic back to school sales, and there are tons of deals to be had online at some great stores. One of my new favorites, and I say new even though I've been a fan for years of their adult store, is Crew Cuts, the kids line of J. Crew. My kids have only just started to fit into their stuff, and while it can be a little pricey sometimes the quality and style cannot be beat. I love that they have mini versions of adult favorites, like classic polos and ribbon flip flops and cable knit sweaters. I'd take most of the girls looks in my size, especially this adorable field day shirtdress. They have some amazing deals on summer stuff that can be great transitional fall stuffs, especially with some layers, on their final sale page. My next stop online is always Gap Kids. I know we have a Gap store right here on Broadway, but I find their selection to be a little small, and they always have great deals online, often with free shipping. Right now they're having a great 50% off sale on their website. Gap is always great for classics too, and for the price they have good quality items and great basics. Their basics for girls can't be beat, I love this striped dress too and have already come up with a bunch of different outfits pairing it with some of their leggings. I'm also a big fan of their shoe site, Piperlime, they are also doing a 50% off sale right now as well, and they have some adorable backpacks too! They have brands that everyone loves, like Keen, Adidas, Puma and Stride Rite. Piperlime also have free shipping and returns on all items, which is great if you accidentally get the wrong size or you think you got the right size and apparently did not, which I do almost all of the time. Another great online sale going on is The Children's Place stock up sale, they have tees, polos and shorts for $6 and up, tanks and leggings for $8 and up, and hoodies and skorts for $12 and up.  While you're online stop by Gymboree, they're having a fantastic back to school sale as well. We'll also be featuring back to school sales on shops downtown and around town as well, since we all can use bargains when it comes to clothing the little (and not so little anymore) ones! I also wanted to know if any local moms would be interested in participating in a Mamatoga Hand Me Down Party. I know I personally have tons of hand me down clothes from my two kids, both boy and girl clothes, and the ones I don't give to friends or sell at the Katrina Trask Sale I give to Goodwill, but a reader sent me a tip about having a bunch of moms get together to do a hand me down exchange. It's a free and green way to recycle your stuff and we here at Mamatoga will take any clothes not taken at the party and find a local charity to give them to. So if this is something any Mamatogians are interested in doing let us know and we can set something up!