Mamatoga Style: Fine Feathered Friends

Readers, I have to admit that I used to be somewhat of a junkie when it came to making small changes to my hair. I've had the same hairstyle since I was in kindergarten, long, fairly straight, and with varying degrees of (sun induced and salon induced) highlights I've been in between dark blond and blond pretty much that entire time as well. So even though I'm not one for huge hair changes, I do crave the tiny change once in a while. In high school I dyed strands of it with Kool-Aid, when I was older I used a more grown up version and did Manic Panic in pink to do just a tiny stripe. If this was around when I was younger I might have tried a temporary version of it, so when I heard about this feather extension trend I knew I had to have one. The feather trend is great because it isn't permanent, which I love, you can have it put in and take it out the next day, no harm done. Otherwise they stay in until it is taken our or grows out. The feathers are made from rooster feathers, and you can pick out one skinny one or do a grouping of skinny ones or choose a bolder thicker one too. They can be put in wherever you want, if you want to stand out you can have it right out front in an eye catching style, or you can have it clipped on closer to the neck, so others only catch a flash of it when you toss your hair over your shoulder, which is what I chose. They work for curly or straight, long or short hair and can be adjusted for any style. Although other types of feathers are used, the rooster feathers are used the most because of their silky texture, and they are the same ones used for fly fishing lures. There actually has been a huge demand on the feathers because of the trend, and now it looks like there might even be a shortage and the cost of them has skyrocketed. The trend has been pushed along by a ton of celebrities jumping on the feather bandwagon, including Steven Tyler, who Fashionista calls "an abuser of the trend" (I'm inclined to agree with them) and Selena Gomez. But it's not just a trend for American Idol judges and tweens! Moms and their daughters can both try this trend, like I saw on mom-of-four Heidi Klum, who did a subtle and pretty version. I jumped at the chance to try it out myself when Saratoga Debut offered to put one in for me. Tucked away on Church Street, this adorable little gem of a salon (find them on facebook!) has a ton of different feathers to choose from, and I chose a couple skinny hot pink ones (Mamatoga's signature color, you know) and I couldn't be happier with them. As I said I have them close to my neck, and most of the time they blend in with the rest of my hair but every once in a while I'll catch a flash of the hot pink and it brightens my day, and makes me feel like my normal, boring day to day style is somewhat elevated! Their feathers start at $12 for one strand, including having it put in which only takes a minute, up to $50 for a grouping of strands. Stay tuned tomorrow for our Freebie Friday because we are giving away a free feather extension courtesy of Saratoga Debut, for you or your daughter! You choose whether you want to go bold or subtle, but either way you can feel just a little more stylish and Saratoga Debut will have just the right feather for you. So check out our giveaway tomorrow, I don't know which horse I'm going to choose for the contest, but I might have to make it a little more difficult for this fun giveaway, or maybe I'll see if I can pick out the most stylish Saratoga horse statue for the giveaway! Check back tomorrow and win Mamatogians!