Mamatoga Style: Mamatoga Must Haves

The weather today, and this weekend, looks pretty iffy readers. I'm hearing mixed reports on how bad this hurricane might be and there are even those that are stocking up on supplies just in case we really get it. And even though I don't like having to be cooped up on an August day, I do get a little excited when I see the rain start to fall because it means I get to wear two of my favorite clothing items, two of my Must Have items that I wear every year, with everything, without fail. The first item is my pale blue, super soft from tons of washing scarf. I'm not sure what exactly its made of since I bought it ten years ago in a vintage shop in London and it never had any tags, but it is by far the coziest item in my wardrobe. I've used it for all kinds of things too, after bringing it home from London on a particularly bumpy flight it is my good luck charm for flights that I have to have somewhere with me in order to fly. I have spread it out and used it as a little blankie for myself and the kids, I've wrapped them both up in a swaddle with it and bunched it up as a pillow. I wear it during every season, in the summer as a shawl with strapless dresses when the night turns just a little chilly, in the fall with a t-shirt before it gets too cold, in the winter as a protection against the bitter wind, and in the spring when its warming up but you still need a little something else on. I'm convinced the color goes with everything, which it probably doesn't, and I've worn it everywhere from the gym with leggings to the Metropolitan Opera in a floor length dress. I've let Finn and Lev both wear it double wrapped around their little necks to school on a number of different occasions, especially those days when they need a little Mommy to take with them into the classroom, and since I just toss it into the washing machine I'm never worried about it getting spilled on. I have, however, left it behind at restaurants and have had more than a few panicked rushes back hoping it will still be there, knowing I would never be able to fully replace it. I guess maybe it's a security blanket for me too, I bought it during a particularly homesick day while in London, and it does give me a little bit of comfort whenever I wear it, like I am now as I type this. I do change it up though, because I actually do get paranoid that I'll get a hole in the blue one from overuse, but I am usually not without some sort of big scarf when the weather calls for it. I have no less than twenty scarves of all colors and I find them impossible to resist when I'm out shopping, they're a somewhat less expensive way to update your wardrobe or add a pop of color to an otherwise drab outfit. It's always easier to pull off a messy ponytail while having a cute scarf wrapped around your neck. I recently bought a nice red scarf with little white flowers printed on it from J. Crew and I've worn it already a number of times, the bright red just cheers me up and seems to add just a little polish to jeans and a plain shirt. My other cannot live without item, especially on days like this, are my Hunter boots. I have them in two colors, black and the traditional wellie green, and at even the smallest threat of rain I'll throw them on happily. There is something about the shape of Hunter boots that make them so much cuter than other rain boots, they're the perfect height and they look fantastic with jeans or even a skirt, and I've been known to even wear them with shorts to the barn or rainy polo matches. They're of course incredibly practical, but have also become somewhat fashionable after being spotted on the likes of Kate Moss and other celebrity revelers at places like Glastonbury. Hunter boots are another item I've dressed up and down on a number of occasions. I've worn them to benefits around town with my dress and have left them at the coat check so I don't ruin my shoes and I've worn them to go grab milk and they look super cute either way. They make the Hunters in child sizes too and Finn couldn't wait till he got his first pair, which are the exact child size version of mine, and Lev is now waiting impatiently for him to outgrow those so she can wear them and I'm sure they'll still be in fantastic condition when that time comes because of the incredible quality. The fun part about Hunters is that they come in a ton of different colors, from hot pink to metallic silver to purple and bright yellow. They even make a Jimmy Choo Hunter boot for those that want to splash out (pun intended) on a $425 rain boot. You can find Hunters locally at the Saratoga Saddlery, and they have a bunch of fun colors there as well. As I look out the window it looks like you guys are going to need some good boots (and a scarf) because it just started pouring again, and if Irene does decide to pay us a visit there is no better or more stylish way to keep your feet dry! What items do you have in your closet that you wear again and again and couldn't live without? Let us know Mamatogians, and stay dry!