Monday Recipe: 100 Days of Real Food Ravioli CHALLENGE!

That's right readers, this week's recipe is a challenge to all of you cooking Mamatogians! I recently found this awesome blog, 100 Days of Real Food, and have found it to be incredibly inspiring. It's a blog written by Lisa, a mom of two who is decided to try doing 100 days of "real food" (nothing processed or with refined ingredients) with her family. She has since completed her original 100 days journey, and is sharing her recipes and experiences with it on her website, as well as challenging families to take just a 10 day real food pledge. She also even has "mini pledges" to help you ease into the real food movement if you're a little wary of how it will fit into your life. Reading through Lisa's list of reasons why to cut out processed foods you can see that even taking a mini-pledge could make a positive change in your families health. I decided to start out super small, even smaller than a mini-pledge, and challenge all of you to make just ONE recipe using real food ingredients. This is a challenge for me as well since I've been talking about making my own ravioli for months now. I keep mentioning it to S. and then I never actually follow through and wind up making something else so today I am going to take on the challenge! This particular recipe from Lisa's website is for butternut squash ravioli, which sounds like an amazingly tasty early autumn meal, which is what I've been in the mood for the past few days even though it's still August. But you can fill your ravioli with whatever you choose, as long as it's real food! I might make mine with some goat cheese from the farmer's market, and we are lucky enough to have a farmers' market here, in Saratoga Springs, three times a week. The new Prestwick Chase Market is open on Mondays from 3-6pm, and the Saratoga Farmers' Market is on Wednesdays from 3-6pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. These markets are chock full of ingredients to fold into little raviolis, and I can't wait to hear what you Mamatogians come up with! Keep in mind you don't need a pasta machine to make ravioli as it can be rolled out by hand, and you can cut the dough and use a fork to crimp the edges as well so no special tools are needed. I actually have a pasta maker which has never been used but looks really nice and shiny next to the cookbooks on my counter that I might actually use for the first time! Click on this link for the full recipe including tips and pictures and to check out Lisa's amazing 100 Days of Real Food site, you're going to love it!