Weekend Round-up

Good evening all.  Just want to do a quick recap on what's happening this weekend.  First, there are the cardboard boat races tomorrow at Hudson River Crossing in Schuylerville.  It looks like a lot of fun.  You can still register to enter at 8am or just swing by and take a look at all the neat boats.  The first launch is at 1pm.  The Tang Museum is holding their family Saturdays from 2-3:30pm.  This week's theme is Interior Dioramas.  Take a look at Shelburne Thurber's photographs of offices and then make a 3D diorama of your own space.  This event is free but reservations are recommended.  Also the Whiteface Road Warriors are in town looking to give away fun prizes and even a chance to win a season pass to Whiteface this winter.  They will be at Congress Park, The Horseshoe Bar & Grill and Gaffney's.  If you are a skier, be on the lookout! On Sunday, it is free t-shirt day at the track.  These are always a big hit with my kids and my husband.  They are usually pretty nice.  If you go, let us know how they look.  Saratoga Battlefield is hosting its 18th century day at Philip Schuyler House.  From 12 to 5 you can get a feel of how life was lived back in the 18th century.  They will have games, candle making, tinsmithing, basket weaving and more.  I'm sure there are indoor activities, because today it is supposed to rain!  You can always bring your comic book fan over to Comic Depot from1-4pm for their First Annual Depot Day.  They are bringing the creators of some favorites to the fans.  I don't think I'll be able to keep my husband away!

Well, lots to choose from.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I am getting ready for my annual vacation to Cape Cod.  The girls are counting down and I am stressing out.  So much to do before we leave.  But then....relax, relax, relax!!!  I'll post all about it!