Introducing Mamatoga Marketplace

Hey there Mamatogians! Is everyone keeping dry? Lev and I just got back from Piper Boutique on Broadway where we checked out what they have to offer for fall for moms, it's what I like to call "Back to the School Run" shopping! They had a bunch of really fantastic looks which we'll share with you here tomorrow in our Style post. For today though, we want to introduce our newest feature, Mamatoga Marketplace! One of the things that comes about with having kids is having more kids stuff. Between baby gear, clothes, toys, DVDs, games, it all starts to add up and become obsolete when your little one outgrows it. I know I personally had onesies in my son's drawer that had never been worn, winter clothes bought too early that wound up not fitting with tags still on it, and toys that were popular in the play room for about five minutes. I also have duplicate gifts that I was apparently too lazy to return, Bumbo seats that simply never caught on with my two at all, and all kinds of baby items that I thought I just had to have but forgot I even bought once babies arrived. We want to set up an online marketplace, like Craigslist but without the creepiness factor, for local moms to buy and sell their baby and kid and maternity gear. You can post it here with us, for free, and use us as your go between for you and the buyers. You can list your item or items and potential buyers can contact us if they are interested, and we will help put you in touch and you make the sale! Our marketplace will cost nothing to use and will always be FREE to Mamatoga readers. Setting up a Mamatoga Marketplace listing will be easy, you set your own price, send us your information and photos, and we will list it in our marketplace and post it in our weekly marketplace feature post. Potential buyers can contact us for the information on the item and we then give you, the seller, their information to set up how to complete the sale (or swap). Swapping is another option available, as is selling handmade stuff. Also, if you are looking for something specific you can add that as a post to Mamatoga Marketplace as well, including posting about requests for specialty made items (handmade Halloween costumes or seasonal items for example). Simply contact us through to find out how to get started and let's get this marketplace going! Stay tuned for our second new feature too, you're going to love it!