Mamatoga Book Club

I hope everyone is staying dry during this bout of rain tonight, and even though it has partly been rained out I also hope everyone is having a safe, happy and fun Labor Day weekend! And it isn't even over yet! Tonight I wanted to share with you our first title chosen by you readers for our Mamatoga Book Club: Lift, by Kelly Corrigan. Here are just a few words about Lift:

Written as a letter to her children, Kelly Corrigan's Lift is a tender, intimate, and robust portrait of risk and love; a touchstone for anyone who wants to live more fully. In Lift, Corrigan weaves together three true and unforgettable stories of adults willing to experience emotional hazards in exchange for the gratifications of raising children.

Lift takes its name from hang gliding, a pursuit that requires flying directly into rough air, because turbulence saves a glider from "sinking out." For Corrigan, this wisdom--that to fly requires chaotic, sometimes even violent passages--becomes a metaphor for all of life's most meaningful endeavors, particularly the great flight that is parenting.

Based on that brief description I already can't wait to read it, I love the idea of it being about the "great flight that is parenting" and I think it'll be a good fit for us here at Mamatoga. The operative word to describe how we are going to do this book club is "casual"! If you're like me you love to read, and would love to be a part of a book club, but find it difficult to find the time to do the reading AND go to regular book club meetings. We are going to do one Book Club post a week on Sunday nights discussing the week's reading with some discussion questions as well, which anyone who wants to take part can answer or discuss in the comments section. If there are enough people that want to meet in person to discuss the book over some coffee or wine then we can happily arrange that, otherwise we will all meet here casually on Sunday nights in our pajamas! You can also jump into the discussion any time during the week and can add to the comments whenever you want, we can do a roundup of what was discussed in each week's new post before we move on. Let us know how it's going and if there is anything you want to tweak about it, we want this to be your book club, how you want it! Right now we're going to start off slow, with just two chapters a week, if we want to we can bump that up too. This week will just be about getting the book! We know how busy this first week of back to school can be, so there won't be any actual reading, just get your hands on a copy and we'll have the first post next week be a longer discussion of the author and the background and how the book club will work before we all dive in together! And as I said, always let us know if you think we should change things, or if you like how things are going, and happy reading!