Mamatoga Book Club: Lift by Kelly Corrigan, Part 1

Welcome to our first Book Club meeting! For this first meeting I just want to give you a little reading assignment with some questions to think about while you do the reading, along with a background of the author, and I would like to invite you to post your own questions or thoughts for all of us to keep in mind as we read the first part of this book. When I picked this book up I didn't realize it was so short! I'm thinking that it might be possible to do this first title in two parts. If we need to take more time that is totally fine as well, but for tonight's assignment let's plan to read to page 45, so about halfway through. First, let me give you a little background of the author, Kelly Corrigan. Kelly is the mother of two young girls who also writes a newspaper column, the occasional magazine article, and possible chapters of a novel. She is also the creator of, a website to teach people how to help a friend through breast cancer and she lives outside San Francisco with her husband, Edward. This is her second novel, and I wanted to start out by discussing the title, Lift. What does that word mean to you? On the book jacket it says the title comes from hang gliding, which requires the rider to fly directly into rough air because the turbulence saves a rider from "sinking out". This struck me at first because I feel that being a parent requires flying into some pretty rough air on a regular basis, and that a lot of those experiences are what makes you a better parent as well as a better person, do you agree with this statement and does it ring true in your own lives as parents? One question I found on the Oprah discussion for this book was intriguing and I'd like us to discuss it here as well: Corrigan characterizes parenthood as "a bold and dangerous" endeavor. She also encourages her single friend to launch herself into motherhood. Would you do the same? I'll keep it short with those questions of mine tonight in the hopes that you readers might also have some questions or discussion points to add as well. Use this post as our discussion forum for this week, if it outgrows this space we will create a specific book club page for it. I'm really excited to be starting this with you readers, and I hope you enjoy our Book Club as much as I already am! As I said, this week we will read roughly half of this short novel, use the entire week to discuss it here at your own pace, I'll be checking it frequently to join in and add to the discussion as well, and I'll post some of the more interesting comments or questions on facebook to keep the discussion going all week, and we will meet up here with some new questions and discussions. I encourage you to invite anyone who you think might enjoy our little book club to take part as I think the more voices in the discussion the richer the experience will be for everyone involved. And since this is such a short first title, let's also think of ideas for our next title! I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday, and enjoy Lift!