Mamatoga Favorites: King Brothers Dairy

A few months ago we were all at the Family Fun Fest at Gavin Park and we stopped by a little table set up by a local dairy that was giving away samples of their chocolate milk, King Brothers Dairy. We all tried some and were immediately hooked, especially Lev. Without a doubt it was the most delicious chocolate milk I had ever tasted in my whole life. I found out from the man at the table that they delivered to my street and I set up our first delivery that very day when I got home. Once a week on Mondays we get a delivery of all sorts of products that they offer, always including their chocolate milk. I knew that the farm was close by and I wanted to show the kids just where our milk comes from, so today we took a tour of the farm and met the family behind King Brothers Dairy. Just a very short drive from the Wilton Mall is the Kings Ransom Farm in Schuylerville. The farm has been in the King family for 115 years and has been run as a dairy farm since then as well. Jan King, who gave the kids and myself the tour, told me how his grandfather used to deliver milk in Saratoga Springs in the 1960's. Jan and his brother Jeff, who run the farm now, have been delivering milk again for about a year and a half. They deliver from Queensbury to Clifton Park throughout the week and there are a lot of differences in their milk from the milk you can buy in a store. First of all, it is fresher and gets to you, the customer, quicker. Depending on your delivery area the milk can come from the farm to you within 48 hours. It comes in traditional glass bottles, and the milk tastes so much better coming from glass with none of the taste effects of plastic or cartons. Glass bottles keep the milk colder and glass is more environmentally friendly than paper cartons or plastic jugs. Their bottles can be washed and reused as many times as they are returned. This "greener packaging" results in less waste added to landfills. The quality control is better with their milk because they are a smaller operation, with only about 800 cows and there are no pesticides or hormones added to the milk and the cows are fed mostly by grain grown right there on their own farm. In addition to their milk and beef products that come from their cows you can get a number of other local wholesome products as well, like eggs from a farm down the road from them, Cabot butter and cheese as well as artisanal cheeses, peanut butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company and locally made yogurt from Willow Marsh farm. They also feature products from Oscar's Smokehouse like their famous bacon, sausages, ham, turkey breast and pork chops. You can also get some non-local convenient products like Tropicana orange juice and coffee to round out a perfect breakfast! Another great feature they have are their seasonal items, which range from sweet corn and hand melons now to turkeys and homemade pies later on in the year, as well as hams for the holidays and other products throughout the year. They are working on adding new local products to their growing list too, and will have a store on the farm in the fall. Jan described their delivery service as a "Farmers' Market on Wheels" and it really couldn't be described any better. As much as I love going to the market every week there are some weeks when I just can't make it there, and with King Brothers I know that I will still have farm fresh milk and eggs and meat at my house every Monday no matter what. They take all the benefits of buying local and make it beyond easy by having it delivered right to your doorstep! Every week I leave my empty glass bottles out (there is a $2 refund per bottle) and everything is put right into my cooler which I leave on the porch for them. Ordering from King Brothers is extremely easy too, you just sign in online and pick and choose from their list of available products. You can set up a recurring delivery or place an order every week yourself online, which has to be done by midnight the Friday before the next delivery. Your items are delivered once a week on the same day every week. You get your bill weekly either via e-mail or with your delivery. Credit cards are the preferred payment through their on-line system but checks or correct cash amounts can be left with the returnable bottles. There is a $1.75 delivery fee with each order and you must order at least three items per delivery, but trust me, you won't find it hard to find three items you want a week and if you're like me you'll order much more than that! There is no commitment either, you can make as many or as few orders as you want. I know that once you try this milk you won't ever want to go back, and the chocolate milk alone is just to die for, so try it out this week! If you place an order today you can have it on your doorstep in a few days and can try it for yourself, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Besides having incredible tasting, locally made products, it is also great to support our local farmers and their families, especially Jan and his brother Jeff who, along with their own families now, are running this same farm as their great grandfather. So check them out today, and let me know what you think! We'll also keep you posted on their great seasonal items from time to time as well, you can check them out on facebook for some easy updates on their product list too. Check out these links for some more information on Kings Brothers, and enjoy your milk Mamatogians! Read more here and watch a story about them here.