Mamatoga Marketplace Guidelines

So this Wednesday will be our first Mamatoga Marketplace Featured Post, where we will post a separate feature on what is newly offered. We want to keep this a free and comfortable space for you guys to buy and sell baby, kid and maternity items, and we will monitor it as much as possible and will add rules and regulations beyond the ones listed here if the need arises. We are now accepting emails listing items for sale and will be putting them on our first Wednesday Marketplace Feature Post this coming Wednesday and items will be listed on a first come, first serve basis and if room runs out it is possible sellers might have to wait until the following week to be on a featured post. We hope this is a fun and useful feature for everyone on our site and we can't wait to see what you guys have to offer! TO SELL:

  • Email us your listing(s) with as much information as you can give us, the make and model, type, size, etc. It might also be good to include what the retail price was for the item when it was new and be sure to include what condition the item is in now. We will post photographs as well so if you have a picture please include that.
  • In order to give everyone space to sell we will reserve the choice to limit sellers to a certain number of items. If we are having a busy marketplace week we might limit your items to five, if we are having a slow week you can list them all, but it will vary by week and it will be at our discretion to figure out how many items to list.
  • We are still unsure of how big this marketplace could get, so we will also make decisions as to how long a particular item can be listed on the marketplace. We will however try to include all of the items newly listed in at least one featured Wednesday main page post.
  • You control how the buyers contact you and let us know how you want this to happen in your email, either by supplying your email address or phone number. We will not post this on the site, but we will give it to potential buyers in order to contact you. We will not be responsible for setting up any sales or meeting places to exchange items, that will only occur between you, the seller, and the potential buyers. Any buyers will have to be facebook friends with Mamatoga but we of course cannot be responsible for buyers not showing up or any problems that may arise after the meeting has been set up between buyer and seller. If however we are informed of any issues from either a seller or a buyer we reserve the option to not allow certain sellers or buyers from participating in the Marketplace.
  • We will accept items that you are willing to trade as well.
  • At this time, we are only accepting baby, child and maternity items and accepting items is entirely up to our discretion and will be based on the space available. We will of course try to accommodate everyone who would like to participate and will work with everyone as much as we can.


  • You must be a confirmed facebook friend of Mamatoga.
  • Simply browse the listings and contact us if you see something you like and we will give you the buyers contact information, beyond that Mamatoga is not responsible for setting up the meetings between buyer and seller and is not responsible for any items being different from their listing or not what was expected. Any issues between buyer and seller will not be resolved by us and can only be resolved between the buyer and seller, we will, however accept any feedback from the buyer or seller and will allow or not allow buyers and sellers to participate accordingly.


  • We will offer a limited space for handmade goods to be sold here at the Marketplace and those spaces will be on a first come, first serve basis, and will have similar number restrictions to the other type of sellers.