Mamatoga Style: One Yoga Saratoga Boutique

If you're anything like me readers you wear a LOT of workout clothes, even if you're not actually working out! Yoga pants have crept into my regular wardrobe because of their functionality and the fact that workout wear has become a lot more stylish in recent years. Also, some days you go from dropping the kids off to having a meeting or meeting with friends to yoga class to the store and school and back, these clothes need to serve many purposes! Or you're five months pregnant and anything cute with some stretch has become your best friend. Either way, we all love comfortable yet stylish clothes that you can wear over and over again, and the mecca for these types of clothes is the boutique located inside One Yoga Saratoga. This beautiful space is decorated with amazing black and white yoga photographs and permeated with a sense of calm, either from the adjoining massage room or the gorgeous perfectly lit brand new yoga and pilates studio. Either way, it is the perfect spot to browse through the collection of women's wear including clothing for before, during and after working out. There is everything from hoodies, yoga pants and shorts, tees and tanks, bra tops, tennis style dresses, stylish shrugs, dresses you can wear out on the town as well as jewelry and much much more. Along with more well known brands like Bella and Shakti Activewear, the boutique also offers pieces from local designers like Wild at Heart (an eco line of clothing and earring line) and Zebags, a  line of beautiful vibrant bags produced in Kenya and distributed by a local woman. The sizes on offer range from XS to large, and some special size orders can be taken with certain brands if requested as well. New orders come in every season and a new line is added around every two months so there is always fresh stuff to check out! I stopped by the other day and was lucky enough to have some of the yoga instructors model some of the styles the boutique currently has to offer, and I even stepped in to try something on since this stuff makes the best non-maternity maternity wear! So whether you're heading to work out, the farmers' market, or downtown to meet the girls for dinner OR you want to achieve the fashion trifecta (wear to work out, then the market, then dinner with the girls, all with some sort of showering and washing in between of course) you can find something stylish and comfortable here at the One Yoga Saratoga Boutique!