Finn's Superhero Party at the Children's Museum at Saratoga

This past weekend we celebrated Finn's fifth birthday with a superhero themed party at the Children's Museum at Saratoga, and I couldn't have chosen a better place to have it! He invited ten of his school friends and I made superhero capes and masks as party favors. We picked the Exploration Theme for his party, which is $125 and includes admission for ten children and accompanying adults (Levy was free as well as Finn), table coverings, utensils and all paper products and a balloon and a hat or mask for each child. We didn't use the masks since we had our own but they have adorable ones you can choose from including animal ones, construction hats, gold crowns and fire hats depending on what the birthday child is into. This basic theme also comes with a party leader for the two hours of the party and our leader was super helpful, helping us set everything up and helping us corral the kids downstairs to play and then upstairs for cake and then back out to play again. They also help out with whatever else you need, our leader helped me serve the cake and clean up as well.

The museum also offers two other packages, the Exploration and More theme ($149) which offers everything the basic theme offers plus one activity station or game with prizes and the goodie bags for ten children ($35 value). There is also a Deluxe option which is $199 and offers the basic theme plus pizza and soda for ten children (or a brunch/snack package), free admission coupons for ten children ($60 value), and two personalized activity stations and/or games with prizes. You can add additional items on to any party package too including hand painting, a theme party or an additional party leader and you can also add extra party guests for an extra fee per child. They can also do parties of fifteen or more children as well. The activity stations and pizza can also be added on so you can customize the party however you like.

Since Finn is really into superheros I couldn't resist making up some capes for him and his friends. I bought pink and blue material for the capes and simply cut them out, adding extra strips of material as ties around the neck. The stars were cut out of felt, with felt letters that I cut out glued on top using felt glue. The masks were cut out from glitter foam sheets using a template I traced onto a piece of paper and since the foam sheets had an adhesive backing I attached a sheet of felt to make the inside a little softer for the little faces. I put pink felt on the girls gold glitter masks and orange on the boys blue and green glitter masks. For the ties for the masks I just used a hole punch and tied polka dot ribbon for the girls and plain black elastic for the boys.

We kept our menu simple, and Finn's one request was Nutella (as usual):

  • Nutella and strawberry and cream sandwiches cut out into a star shape
  • Fruit skewers
  • Goldfish, Swedish fish, and marshmallows (another special Finn request)
  • chocolate and strawberry Pocky





I wish I could take credit for the cake, but a friend of ours made it specially for Finn and it was delicious! The kids took their capes and masks home in special superhero goodie bags and everyone was tired out by the end of the party. They spent a half hour in the party room having lunch and cake and the rest of the two hours running around the museum, half of the time downstairs and half of the time upstairs so they got to see everything. All in all it was a fantastic party, and most importantly Finn loved it. Levy is already planning her party for there with a tea party theme! I definitely give this party place two Mamatoga thumbs up, from the helpful party leaders to the ability to customize the party however you choose it is a great pick for any kids party!