Fit Tip Tuesday: At Home Fitness - Is It Really Possible to Get in Shape at Home?

By: Jeanine Trimboli Let me answer that question with a resounding yes! This month is going to be all about fitness and the great ways you can get in shape in the comfort of your own home. Busy parents need creative ways to stay in shape. Even if you have a gym membership and tend to get there a reasonable amount of times per week, it is always nice to have a backup plan for at home.

Let’s start with strength training. I want to tackle this topic for a moment because as much as I write about this, and think people understand the importance, I often find my assumptions to be far from correct.

If you are looking to permanently change your body for the better you must strength train. If you are looking to eat healthy and not have to worry about every morsel that passes your lips and still be able to maintain a lean, fit body, you must strength train. If you are looking to get maximum results for minimal time per week, you must strength train. If you are looking for ways to permanently boost your metabolism, you must strength train. And, lastly, if you are looking to sculpt a body that is tone, “tight”, and gravity defying …you guessed it. You must strength train.

So over the next couple weeks, when I give you exercises with videos, and the at home workout plans, do NOT think you can skip the strength component and still have this plan work for you. Will it seem to work short term? Possibly. But over the long haul, it will not.

This program will also start out small and to some of you; it may seem “easy”. The exercises that will be offered in the beginning are meant to strengthen your foundation and build a solid base that you can then expand upon over time. If your foundation is shaky, and you jump right into exercises that require a well strengthened, well balanced body, injury is sure to follow.

This series will have several components. They are Foundation, Warm Up, Strength, and Metabolic boosters.  Within these components we will also focus on some other important key factors; mobility, agility, and power.

All of the workouts will require minimal equipment.

So get ready. Next week we start with Foundation. It is the perfect time of the year to start making positive changes. If you have kids at home, they can even learn these movement exercises with you!

During the holidays it is so easy to fall into the “fear of food” mindset and the constant worry of putting on the Holiday pounds. We are going to shift that focus to something positive and empowering.

See you next week!