Mamatoga Arts & Crafts: Falling Leaves Ornaments

Readers, if you're like me seeing all of the leaves on your front lawn might not inspire the happiest feelings, and raking and bagging and hauling those leaves down to the curb might inspire even LESS happy feelings, but we have a craft for you to do with your little ones that will actually put a smile on your face as well as delight your kids, and it couldn't be easier. Since there is a plethora of leaves to choose from out there right now it will be easy to have your kids pick some out, and there even might be some that are still brilliant fall colors as well. Simply take the chosen leaves and place them each on their own plate outside. Fill the plate up with water and add a little loop of string and leave them out overnight, and in the morning you'll have frozen falling leaves to hang on the trees! They look beautiful and are a nice way to try to celebrate the chilly weather coming our way (and to keep some of those leaves off your lawn, temporarily at least!).