Mamatoga Arts & Crafts: Make Your Own Snow Globe

I love snow globes, I'm not like this woman, but I'm a fan. And my kids are even bigger fans, they never get tired of tipping them upside down and watching the snow fall slowly back down over the little miniature scenery inside. When I first heard of the idea of making your own snow globes I knew it was something I had to do with them. I love the idea of making little globes for each person at the breakfast table on Christmas morning as place settings. This is a perfect craft to create with your kids, and even younger kids can get in on the snow globe making fun with your help.

1. You can use a variety of different jars: baby food, pimiento, jelly, or any clear jar with a tight-sealing lid depending on what size you want your globe to be.

2. Pick out your "scene" for the globe. This is really only limited by your child's creativity and what can be glued down. You can go to a craft shop and buy little trees or snowmen or a little Santa or even find items outside like a small pine cone. You can also use a favorite small toy or figurine.

3. Use a glue gun  to adhere your scene to the inside of the lid. Allow glue to set the required time before adding liquid.

4. Fill the jar with mineral oil, baby oil, or water. The snow or glitter will fall more slowly in oil. Add crushed egg shell or glitter for snow.

5. Carefully set the lid (with the scene) onto the full jar and seal it tightly. To ensure a good seal, apply more glue around the outside rim of the jar.

6. After your snow globe has dried, tip over, shake, and enjoy watching the snow fall over your little winter scene!