Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: At home fitness, Week 2: Let’s Warm Up!

This is week two of our at home fitness segment. Last week we talked about foundational exercises and the importance of starting with basic fundamental exercises that will help create a strong, agile, well balanced body. I also gave videos of the exercises on my Real [Fit] Life page and you can check those out here.   This week I am also showing you videos for the warm up exercises. But first let’s talk about warm ups, why they are necessary, and what you should focus on accomplishing during this shorter part of your workout.

  Warm ups are purely meant to get your body warm (literally) and ready for the larger tasks at hand during the bulk of your workout. Warm ups really can consist of a variety of exercises and it often helps for the warm up to somewhat mimic some of the movements you will be performing in your actual workout.  The warm up I am showing you today really could be used to prepare you for any activity.

  Some of you may even find that these exercises are challenging and feel like the workout! If that is the case, it’s okay. These are challenging movements for many people, especially those who have not been active or who have not incorporated any type of flexibility or strength components into their workout in a while. (or ever!) These exercises will warm up your body from head to toe. If done consistently over time, they will also help you to improve balance, flexibility, power, core strength, and overall body strength.  I am only showing you 5 exercises today. Start with these and really focus on the proper form and execution.

  For this week, you can practice these along with the foundational exercises I gave you in week 1. So to see the videos, click here. Next week I will be showing you how to get a great strength training workout right in the comfort of your own home. Not to say that YOU will be comfortable…but that’s a GOOD thing! See you then. At Home Fitness, Week 2: Warm Up Exercise Videos.



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