Mamatoga Moms and Kids Choice Awards 2011: Kid Friendly Restaurant Edition!

I think this is going to be a tough category to vote in Mamatogians, because we have a LOT of great restaurants in town! This particular vote will be just for kid friendly options, so when casting your vote keep that in mind. We will also have a second vote for restaurants that are your favorite to go to sans kiddies, so stay tuned for that one. AND you can vote for the same restaurant in both categories if you're fave kid friendly option also happens to be your favorite date night spot! Now, we want to make it clear that we aren't excluding ANY restaurants in this poll, in an effort to not make the poll super long we are going to only list our own personal favorites along with a spot for you to write in your OWN vote if its not listed. Also, we are not listing chain restaurants in the poll itself, but you are free to vote for those in the blank space provided as well. Since we want to keep the poll somewhat short, we are limiting it to local businesses that have only one local location, but as I said, any chain can be voted in as a written in vote. Any local restaurant can be included in that spot and voted for, so today is the day to show your love for your favorite kid friendly restaurant, vote now! [polldaddy poll=5715747]