Mamatoga's Buying Local Gift Guide: New Mama Edition

In this installment of our Buying Local Gift Guide we want to focus on gifts for the new mama, be it your sister, friend, or yourself (you can forward this post on as an idea starter!). There are so many things a new mom needs, unfortunately you can't buy more time for sleep (although a massage comes pretty close) but there are some great ideas for gifts you can buy locally that will help the new mom in your life feel just that much better this holiday season.  

Sonrise Diaper Service is a fantastic gift idea for new moms and it couldn't be easier. Sonrise will drop off clean cloth diapers and pick up dirty ones once a week, no muss, no fuss so it is one less thing for the new mama to worry about! They offer gift certificates for their delivery service and can also gift wrap anything in store for holiday presents. Read more about them in our guest post by owner Vikki! Taking the dirty work out of doing diapers (pun intended)? Yes please!


Sometimes when you have a newborn at home to look after you forget to get other things done, like make dinner! With 9 Miles East Farms the new mom in your life won't have to worry about that. You can order this meal delivery service and have healthy, delicious meals made using local foods delivered to her door ready to enjoy!

When you have a new baby, one of the things you can never imagine having too much of, are beautiful pictures of your bundle of joy!  Image Photo and Events has a great deal on Portrait gift cards to use anytime during 2012.  They have wonderful Baby Packages and Mommy and Me packages as well.




Pampering is not a word that comes to my mind when I think of having a newborn in the house. Of course you pamper the baby, but the same doesn't always go for a new mom and just taking a shower can turn into a luxury. But that doesn't mean it isn't necessary! So call a sitter (that you found here on Sittertoga!), put a spa gift certificate in that woman's hand and push her out the door, or even better the new papa can stay home with the baby! And clean! Sometimes even just a couple hours of relaxation can make an enormous difference, and we all know how great you can feel after having a spa treatment or even just getting your hair cut. In Newborn Land a little bit goes a long way, and any new mama would love and appreciate a spa gift certificate. Check out our Health & Beauty installment of our Gift Guide here for more information on great places to get one.


Also in our Health & Beauty installment is another gift certificate perfect for the new mom, a gift certificate to Reform Pilates! They offer a postpartum class there designed to help new moms get gently back into shape in a healthy way.


Fitting back into pre-pregnancy clothes is no one's favorite activity, but there are things that can make it easier, and those things are called Spanx. Luckily we have a spot right here in town that sells Spanx and a TON of great, fashionable items for a new mom to help make her feel her best no matter what size she's wearing, Clothes Line of Saratoga! They carry dresses, swimwear, accessories, yoga wear and lingerie with a great selection to choose from.


A night out on the town can also be just what a new mom needs, and a great place to spend time with girlfriends or a special someone is one of the great restaurants downtown. Max London's is the perfect spot for a fun night out, with a gift certificate the new mom on your list can sip one of their incredible cocktails that she can finally enjoy (my personal favorite is the one with St. Germain and gin, it's so good) and have an absolutely delicious meal which can send her home refreshed and feeling like new and ready to take on a sleepless night with a new baby with maybe just a little more of a smile on her face. Or, if mimosas and pancakes are more her style, don't forget they also offer brunch (where you can still get that amazing St. Germain cocktail, just saying...).



And finally, CAFFEINE! Figure out which spot is her fave, be it Uncommon Grounds or Saratoga Coffee Traders and get a gift card to keep that new mommy powered!





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