Mamatoga's Top Ten: Advent Calendars

When I was growing up one of my favorite holiday traditions was opening the little tiny doors on our Advent calendar and finding a little chocolate inside as a special treat. It was a fun way to count down the seemingly endless days until Christmas. Now that I'm all grown up I love Advent calendars even more, and there are countless styles and kinds to choose from. You can pick one that you put your own little candies or treats in, ones that come with the treats already inside, and ones that come without. The ones that come without can be good if you either don't want to hand over a little piece of candy every day, want to give out a little special treat or gift of your own, or have more than one little one waiting to see what the surprise is each day. The one we hang up on our mantle is one someone got for us in Germany, a long string of different colored felt stockings which we fill with little notes, little trinkets, stickers, and sometimes candy and each day Finn and Lev can't wait to peek inside the tiny stocking to see what is in there. I also like the idea of having a visual for them for how many days are left until Christmas. Finn asks pretty much every day how many days are left and instead of me telling him I can point to the Advent calendar and have him count them down himself. Here are some of my favorite Advent calendars, all of which I want to display in my house this year!  

  • For those of you that saw my Top Ten Wall Decals post, you know how crazy I am for wall decals, and this modern little twist on Advent calendars is no exception. Besides being a fun new way to have an Advent calendar, this wall decal calendar comes in 29 different colors so you can customize it to your own decor or according to your little one's favorite color! $26.95 Etsy


  • This Playmobil Christmas Post Office Advent Calendar is great for little boys and girls who love to play with little figurines, behind each door is a piece to complete the 3D scene complete with trees, Santa, reindeer and more! $19.99 Playmobil





  • This handmade Advent calendar is a great way to go eco-friendly with the tradition, especially if you want to avoid giving out candy for each day. Counting down the 12 days to Christmas (rather than the entire month) this "calendar" includes a different rubber stamp for each day plus a rainbow ink pad, which the kids can use long past the holidays! $28 Etsy



  • With this My Art Museum Sticker Advent Calendar your little one becomes the "curator" of their own museum, unpacking a work of art from their crates for each day and hanging them on the museum walls! The crates are die-cut boxes, and underneath them are reusable stickers featuring elements of the Christmas story, including animals, angels, magi, and the Holy Family, along with other holiday icons such as Santa Claus, ice skaters, and sleighs. Two pull tabs lead to extra surprises. $17.95 Metropolitan Museum of Art Store


  • I simply adore Dylan's Candy Bar, and I love this sweet Advent Calendar even more! I might have to get this one for myself, each colorful door opens up to a piece of their delicious milk chocolate and a tip from Santa on how to stay on his "Nice" list! $12 Dylan's Candy Bar





  • Garnet Hill's Abacus Advent Calendar is perfect for little hands that will love to push the tiny blocks up one day at a time. You can add a treat or toy to each day or keep it simple with this beautifully designed minimalist "calendar" and it will make a beautiful addition to your playroom once all the blocks have been counted. $28 Garnet Hill




  • There's no reason Christmas should have all the countdown calendar fun! With this fun and colorful Land of Nod Hanukkah calendar you can slip whatever little surprise you want alongside the hanging candles inside the pockets! $49 Land of Nod



  • This happy little snowman from Pottery Barn Kids would make an adorable Advent calendar perfect to display in any room. Designed for use year after year, it has 24 little pockets that are just the size for a small treat or note. $79 Pottery Barn Kids



  • This stylish Advent calendar is a sleek way to sneak a little modern design into the tradition. It's numbered clips will hold photos or holiday cards, tickets to fun holiday events or small envelopes containing little treasures. $79 Pottery Barn


  • This Advent calendar idea is a fun one because you can either decorate it ahead of time or have each box contain items to decorate it as the treat inside, with the bonus fun of getting to decorate one every day! The durable countdown calendar includes twenty-five boxes with easy-to-use finger notches and a sheet of clear countdown number stickers to get you started. $13.94 Amazon