Mamatoga's Top Ten: Best Apps for Kids

I'm continually amazed by the apps that are created for kids, and with fun and educational apps like these I don't feel guilty handing over my iPhone to my little ones because not only are they entertained, they learn something as well. Out of the countless number of apps out there designed for kids these are my current top ten favorites, download some today and the next time that doctor's appointment wait runs WAY too long you'll be covered! 1. While a lot of apps are designed to keep your child entertained, Nighty Night! aims to help your little ones get to sleep. This beautifully designed bedtime story introduces you to seven different animals as each gets ready for bed. The interactivity isn't complicated,  kids simply help the characters go to sleep by turning off the lights in each animal's stall. Young ones interact with the animals using clear visual cues, and there is also an "Auto Play" feature so you relax as the calming narration and music soothe you both off to snoozeland. Suitable for ages 2+, cost .99-$1.99.

2. American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs If you have a little paleontologist-in-the-making, this is the dinosaur app to download. It begins with an amazing collection of dinosaur photos (more than 800) that make up an image of a T-Rex. Your child can tap on any one of those images to find out information on the creature featured. This is definitely an app you'll find fascinating as well. Free, iPad, iPhone, All ages

3. Kids love balloon animals, as anyone who has been to a birthday party featuring Mr. Twisty knows, but creating your own can be a little complicated. Enter Balloonimals, where you can create your own balloon creatures as easily as blowing into your iPhone's mic or tapping your iPod touch. Just a couple taps or puffs later and you have adorable balloon animals, from a unicorn to a dinosaur to a happy little crab. Your newly created  Balloonimal will even do little tricks, but be careful, after a few taps they pop, but you get to move on to another cute balloon creature to play with. Ages 4+, Free-$2.99

4. Adam's Game was the first app I ever bought for my son and I've loved it ever since. The game shows three pictures and a friendly toddler voice asks your child to touch one of them ("Touch the cup!"). When your child picks the right picture they hear a cheer. If your child picks an incorrect picture, the game says "Uh-Oh" and flashes the right picture. The best part of Adam's Game is that it also allows you to add your own pictures and voices to the game. This is great if you want to add a picture of siblings or yourself for the child to choose.

5. iSign Alphabet has the entire American Sign Language Alphabet stored in one little app! This is a great way to help toddlers learn sign language, and I love having my kids teach me the new signs they learn! Free, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Ages 4 & up

6. Just like traditional flashcards, iTot Toddler Flashcards teach the names of animals, foods, and other objects, as well as the alphabet and numbers. You'll get hundreds of beautiful cards in this simple application without the mess of traditional flashcards always going all over the place. Also, with language support, iTot Cards can teach these words in French and Spanish as well! $.99, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Ages 1-4

7. iPlayPhone lets your curious toddler have all the fun and feel of a real iPhone without calling China. Just run the application and let your kid go crazy pressing the brightly colored buttons and chatting to her imaginary friends on the other end. $.99, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Ages 2 & up

8.One of my children's favorite bedtime books lately is The Monster at the End of This Book starring the loveable Grover. With this e-book version of this children's classic Sesame Street brings Grover to life in a fun new way. The story itself is exactly the same, Grover still teases your little ones toward the conclusion that he is the monster at the end of the book, but the interaction is what makes it brand new. Along with listening to the story, kids can take turns knocking down brick walls and untying knots as they keep moving toward the end of the story. Ages 4+ | $3.99

9. My personal favorite, Nosy Crow’s second App, Cinderella includes fantastic extras that my princess obsessed daughter simply loves. She can help Cinderella with her chores, dress up the characters, build the carriage, and even choose music, all alongside beautiful illustrations and a lovely narration.

10. Speech with Milo is an incredible app to help little ones arrange sequences into stories. Created by a licensed speech language pathologist, the app combines familiar sequencing exercises with fun animation to help your little ones get their imaginations in order. Kids are presented with putting three cards in order, with each card showing the cute animals Milo and Melvin performing one of several tasks. Ordering the cards is as simple as pointing and dragging, and when they get the sequence right, the story comes to life through animation.  Ages 4+ | $2.99

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