Mamatoga Favorites: Experience Events

This past Saturday I was thrilled to bring the kids to the "Crafternoon" at Experience Events at the Studio at 526 Maple Ave in Saratoga Springs. When we walked in I was immediately taken by the beautiful studio, bright and sunlit with a little table set with kid sized water bottles and a plate full of cute little Christmas cookies, plastic cups with striped paper straws waiting for milk and snack time. The craft table was long and covered in drawing paper and the two friendly Crafternoon helpers showed Finn and Lev where to sit and gave them markers and pencils and free range to start creating artwork immediately. The first craft was a snow globe and all of the kids delighted in picking out the glitter, stickers and ribbon to make their own masterpieces. It was such a fun and cozy environment with the sun streaming in the windows and the holiday music playing in the background. In between crafts an impromptu dance party broke out while the helpers wrapped the snow globe craft up as gifts using ribbon the kids picked out and paper bags they decorated. The second craft was a cute wreath using laundry clips, beads and wire. With the two helpers there was enough help to keep everyone on track with the beads and clips but also to have enough room for

them to get creative and feel like they were doing it all by themselves. The two hours flew by and while the helpers tied up the ends of the wire with ribbon the snack was handed out and everyone enjoyed cookies and milk before the parents arrived. The two hours was a perfect time length, long enough for parents to actually get something done or have a nice amount of relaxation time but not too long to cause any missing mommy or daddy anxiety. The crafts were hands on enough to keep everyone busy and no one was left sitting around without something to do. I'm definitely signing the kids up for upcoming Crafternoons, I love that they get to have fun, make new friends and also create some cute crafts that they are proud to bring home and show off and I also love the two hour kid free block on a weekend to get errands done or catch up with friends over coffee.

While I was there I learned a little about the different services that Experience Events offers, first and foremost adorable birthday parties! Creating a kids party can be hard, especially if you have a specific idea in mind but not the space or crafty creativity needed to pull it off successfully. With Experience Events you have a lot of options. You can rent the Studio as a party space and bring your own party materials, or you can have them do a custom party, where they create a fabulous party that is made just for you or your guest of honor.

Sometimes the problem can be the idea of having all of your child's friends over for a party without much help, and Experience Events can also provide event management to ensure the party runs smoothly where they manage the actual event. I saw this in effect at the Crafternoon, where glitter was spilled and markers were uncapped on the floor but all was swiftly taken care of by the two helpers and I realized how much smoother it all goes with some extra helping hands. Using some event management can leave you free to enjoy the party with your child and actually take some pictures or video instead of running around frantically wiping up messes and cutting cake and missing the whole thing.

Another great idea is The Party Crate-a COMPLETE party in a crate! They provide everything you need to have a stylish party in one box-including favors, invites, decor, grocery list etc. You just have to pull the items out of the crate and follow the directions.

For an idea of what they have to offer, check out these links to galleries of some recent kids parties they have done. Whether your little one is into Eric Carle or paleontology they can throw you a fantastic party that your child will remember forever...


Beyond birthday parties, Experience Events is a full service event planning company.  They offer both planning and styling/design for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Experience Events can make your party look great, can take all the planning burdens away form you and can also ensure the event runs smoothly. They have been published nationally many times and work all over NY, New England and also travel as needed. They just opened their Studio in Saratoga Springs as a place to meet clients, create their event magic and also host parties.  The Studio can be booked as a beautiful rental space without using their design or planning services OR booked with services for a discount. For more information on how they can help you throw the perfect party and to find out how to sign your little one up for the next Crafternoon*, check them out here.


*The Crafternoons will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month and are $25 per child which includes two crafts and a snack, and we will see you there Mamatogians!